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Look inside Felted Animal Knits
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 15 May 2020
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782217510
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 320
  • Pages: 160
  • RRP: £14.99
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Felted Animal Knits


20 keep-forever friends to knit, felt and love by Catherine Arnfield (Author)

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Book Description

Fuse two of your passions knitting and felting to create gorgeous, woolly animals filled with character. 

In this incredibly inspirational and unique book, Catherine shows you how to knit, wet felt and needle felt 20 cute creatures that you, your friends and family will love! Whether you love lions, rave over rabbits, are awed by alpacas, crazy for koalas or head over heels for Highland cows, there is a stunning variety of animals for you to choose from and make.

Only basic knitting skills are required (cast on, cast/bind off, knit, purl, increase and decrease) and the wet felting process is simpler than you think! Then, once you've stuffed and sewn them up, you'll see how easy it is to needle felt details onto your velvety friend to create a fun and realistic creature!

Whatever your skill level, a friendly and comprehensive techniques chapter is included on knitting, wet felting and needle felting, all accompanied by clear, fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions so you can dive into your designs with confidence and creativity. 

The tools and materials needed are basic, easy to source and cost very little, making these fuzzy critters perfect for beginner crafters, or more experienced knitters and felters looking for fresh ideas and effortless projects.

Table of Contents




- Stage 1: The knit bit
- Stage 2: Sewing up
- Stage 3: Wet felting
- Stage 4: Stuffing & construction
- Stage 5: Needle felting & details

- Peanut & Crunch the Mice
- Pickle the Dachshund
- Cocoa & Waffle the Alpacas
- Dandelion the Rabbit
- Rocky the Raccoon
- Pebble the Seal & Pip the Seal Pup
- Savanna the Lion
- Truffle the Pig & Jellybean the Piglet
- Twiglet the Koala
- Marmalade the Cat & Pumpkin the Kitten
- Heath & Brook the Owls
- Ember the Fox
- Rosemary & Thyme the Squirrels
- Biscuit the Schnauzer
- Paprika the Highland Cow


About the Author

About Catherine Arnfield

Catherine has been interested in crafts from an early age, and attended Manchester Metropolitan University to study Textile Design (BA Hons) from 1994 to 1997. In 2003 she became a qualified teacher of Art and Design and followed this career path until leaving the profession in 2017. Teaching gave her the opportunity to learn many new skills, including felting, and it wasn't long before she began experimenting with combining her love of knitting with her new-found passion felting.

In December 2016, her company Knit2Felt was conceived and by May 2017 she had acquired enough interest in her designs through social media, small workshops and craft fairs to make the massive decision to leave teaching and pursue her dream of a career in crafts.

Since then, Catherine has featured in several magazines, including Knit NowLet’s KnitThe KnitterSimply Knitting and Mollie Makes. Catherine also runs workshops in the north of England, and has exhibited at numerous shows such as Nottingham Yarn Expo, Etsy Made Local Manchester, Woolfest, British Wool Show and Yarndale.

Catherine lives in High Peak, Derbyshire in the UK with her partner and two daughters.

Catherine can be found on:
Facebook (@Knit2felt.co.uk)
Etsy (knit2feltstore)
Pinterest (Knit2Felt)
Instagram (Knit2Felt)
Twitter (Knit2Felt)
Ravelry (Knit2Felt)



Felted Animal Knits is a culmination of the long-time passion that the author has for knitting, combined with her more recent passion of felting. The result is a truly charming book. The animals are remarkably and gratifyingly realistic, something that not all exponents of this genre manage to achieve to such a high standard.

The book provides detailed information about the materials and tools needed, and very clear instructions on techniques including the knitting, sewing up and the stuffing and construction, with good pictorial descriptions. There are detailed instructions on how to wet felt and needle felt and advice on how to achieve different fur textures, together with lots of useful tips to make the job a little easier as you go along.

The las section of the book contains 15 projects and 20 animals, all graded from easy to slightly more difficult. The instructions are very thorough and easy to follow.

If this is your first venture into making felted animal knits then this is a good place to start. if, however, this is something at which you are already practiced, then these delightful creatures will be a welcome addition to your menagerie.

Machine Knitting Monthly

Combine knitting and felting to create gorgeous woolly animals. Only basic skills are required and wet felting is simpler than you think! Once they're stuffed and sewn up, add needle felt details. With fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions, the book is perfect for beginners or experienced knitters and felters looking for fresh ideas.


What a beautiful book. Written with love and with the user in mind. The instructions are clear to follow, providing enough guidance but also allowing a bit of creative license to make these gorgeous animals your own. While its probably advantageous to have some crafting skills this book combines knitting, wet felting and needle felting so its a good opportunity to work on multiple skills. Ive made Paprika the Highland Cow so far and really enjoyed the process and very pleased with the outcome.


I really liked this book, the instructions are very clear and the examples are cute and lifelike. I havent actually made anything yet but my plan is to start with the mice and then attempt to make biscuit the schnauzer he is so cute and I dont think the knitting part will be any problem at all. I will be ordering the wool very soon. Thank you very much for this delightful addition to my crafting library!


Loved this book. Lots of helpful tips on the processes of felting. Patterns amazing just now need to get some made.


Crystal clear instructions for all five stages of construction. Wonderful photography and diagrams for each animal in the making as well as the finished products. I made Pip the seal pup and found it easier and quicker than I could ever have expected and all with materials that I already had. Now which shall I do next? Spoilt for choice!


This is a lovely mix if you enjoy knitting and felting, it's fairly straight forward to follow and has some cute projects to make. I've made the Koala as he was my favourite in the book! Would recommend to those who have experience in both crafts.


This book is so beautiful. I have only been felting since lock down, so around three months, and have found the book really easy to follow. The combination of knitting and felting together is great and the finished result will look lovely (I've started on the koala!)


It is a lovely book full of delightful little friends to make. The instructions are easy to follow and given in great detail for all levels from beginners to advanced crafters. I look forward to making them. It will give me many hours of enjoyment and even provide my friends and family with some lovely handmade gifts.

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