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Look inside Embroiderers’ Guild Transfers Collection
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback HB folder with 48-page PB book and 96-page book of iron-on transfers
  • Publication: 22 April 2021
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782217206
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 150
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: £25
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Embroiderers’ Guild Transfers Collection


90 rediscovered treasures to transfer & stitch by Dr Annette Collinge (Author)

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Book Description

90 original iron-on transfer designs from the archives of the Embroiderers' Guild!

An important though largely forgotten part of the Embroiderers’ Guild legacy is the huge collection of hot-iron transfers dating back to the early 20th century that were created by members of the Guild. They fell out of favour in the 1960s and the Guild stopped producing them. Many transfers were stored away and haven’t been seen since those times; others were simply thrown away. Recently rediscovered and made available for the first time in over half a century, this unique collection includes 90 original designs ranging from the early to mid-twentieth century.

This treasure trove of design inspiration is presented in two separate books enclosed in a hardback folder. The Reusable Iron-on Transfers book includes 90 designs that you can cut out and store in the pocket inside the folder after use. This is accompanied by a handy Stitching Guide that includes 26 beautifully worked examples to inspire your colour, thread and stitch choices, as well as information on tools and materials, using an embroidery hoop, and 18 embroidery stitch diagrams.

Table of Contents

How to use this book 9
Tools and materials 10
Transferring the designs 12
Using an embroidery hoop 13
Embroidery stitches 14

The embroidered designs 16

Using outline and filling stitches 22
Using monochromatic and variegated threads 24
Adding extra stitches to a design 26
Using monochromatic and different colours 28
Adding other elements to a design 30
Rearranging elements in a design 32
Repeating a design 34
Using ground fabrics of different colours 36
Using stitches in an unusual way 38
Using beads and sequins in a design 40
Combining two designs 42
Using only one stitch in a design 44 


About the Author

About Dr Annette Collinge

Annette Collinge has had a lifelong interest in embroidery. She is a life member of The Embroiderers’ Guild, and has been a Branch Chairman, Regional Chairman and Trustee of the Guild. She is currently part of a working party organizing exhibitions of the Collection, and is the primary contact for questions about the Collection. She is a mixed media textile artist and a member of the exhibiting group, Studio 21, a group of textile artists who bring together a creative and innovative mix of media and stitched textiles. Annette lives in Woking, UK. Her work can be seen on her website at www.annettecollinge.com


Stitch Magazine

The latest offering from the Embroiderers' Guild is effectively two books for the price of one. The first contains 90 original iron-on transfer designs from their archives. If you're a fan of styles from the early to mid-twentieth century period, then take this unique opportunity to access designs not seen for decades.

To spark your imagination the companion book includes 26 embroidered samples, showing the impact of different stitches, threads, and colourways. There are ideas on how to combine transfers. Be aware, you're not getting step-by-step instruction. What is on offer is scope to develop your own interpretations of historical designs. 

Book Threads Magazine

This is another book by Annette Collinge giving information and inspiration from the Embroiderers' Guild collection.

This time it follows a completely different format. The beautifully designed folder contains two separate books and in the first book, Annette explains the interesting history of these and how they relate to the Guild.


In this book, Annette also suggests how the reusable transfers can be transformed by cutting and re-arranging to produce a series of new designs. There is a stitch guide and 26 beautifully worked examples to give inspiration. 

This book would make a lovely present for a friend as the inspiration they will achieve will go on and on. 

Amazon Customer Review

Well presented, good resource.

Beautifully presented resource for an embroidery beginner with a clear description of individual stitches however overall it is aimed at those with some experience.

There are 93 pages of transfer designs many of which have lots of elements that can be mixed and matched. The transfers are reusable and in book form, once cut they can be stored in the folder but I think although they are reusable I will trace and keep the book intact.

Amazon Customer Review

A lovely way of presenting this collection and an excellent resource for inspiration for a new project for both new and experienced embroiderers with clear help for the less advanced embroiderer. A good starting point for those wanting to try a new hobby, giving the beginner clear instructions of how to begin and how to use some of the designs and adapt them.

Amazon Customer Review

Off the bat, the book is beautifully presented. It comes in a folder format, with an elastic band to keep the book closed. On either side of the folder, is two books. One book is a stitching guide and the other is a book full of various transfer designs.

The Stitching Guide
I think this is where the most valuable part of this book lays. It has some really great information for a beginner at embroidery, and has a nice visual representation of the stitches. As someone who is a visual learner, having these diagrams for various types of stitches is very helpful. It also gives information about how you can alter some of the designs by using different fabrics and colour pallets.

The Transfer Booklet
This part of the book has a vast selection of transfers which is excellent. It also allows you to cut out the transfers you'd like to use, and have the ability to use them over again. It's great that this book has the pockets and elastic enclosure, as this helps keep any loose cuttings secure. The transfers have a lot of variety, but mainly focus on floral or animal elements.

Overall, I think this is a good introduction to embroidery, and if this book suits your artistic style, this will be an excellent addition to your crafting library.

Amazon Customer Review

The transfer collection is beautifully presented, you receive a hard cover folder containing two books. The first book is the stitching guide which explains how to transfer the designs and takes you through various embroidery stitches. It then goes on to show pictures of some of the designs with different ideas for stitching, rearranging and repeating designs. There is a large variety of designs and borders in the transfer book which can be used separately or combined. The designs would look beautiful in embroidery or a mix of embroidery and embellishments i.e. beads, or metallic threads. The stitching guide contains clear instructions accompanied by pictures and is ideal for someone new to embroidery.

Customer Review

I really liked this book, lots of good designs with clear instructions on how to use them and lots of suggestions on colour and ways to change the appearance. Materials suggested are relatively easy to get hold of which also helps. I enjoyed the background information and would recommend buying the book

Machine Knitting Monthly

This treasure trove is two separate books in a hardback folder. Reusable iron-on transfers include 90 designs to cut out and store in a pocket inside the folder. The stitching guide has 26 beautifully worked examples and 28 stitch diagrams plus information on tools, materials and how to use them.

Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread

If you tend to hesitate to jump into an embroidery project because of the transfer process, then youre going to love this! If you like source books for embroidery designs, youre also going to love it.

When you open up the folder, youll find two sturdy pockets, one on each side of the spread, and in those pockets are two separate books. The book on the left is the Stitching Guide, and the book on the right is the collection of reusable iron-on transfers.

The stitching guide is a good place to start, when working with the iron-on collection. Youll find out how to use the collection to your best advantage. Youll pick up the basics on how to use an iron-on transfer, as well as some basics on hand embroidery. Youll find a stitch dictionary with basic embroidery stitch diagrams to help you get started.

The guide presents numerous ways one can approach these types of line drawings, giving examples of different outcomes depending on the approach you take. How far you take the needlework, how much you put into it, how complicated or simple you make it this is all up to you.

And then, of course, on the other side of the folio is the collection of iron-on transfers. The designs in the collection cover quite a few design styles from Jacobean to modern, whimsical, formal, and so forth. What you like or dont like will depend solely on your own tastes. But there is plenty for everyone here, I think!

Yes! This is a great book to own! There really are no cons. After all, if youre purchasing a transfer collection like this, youre usually purchasing it to have a collection of transfers and thats what this book is. Its great value, with 90 designs at your fingertips to transfer, plus a book of tips and stitches to guide you through stitching them. What a great resource!

For those who are held back by the transfer process, you cant go wrong!

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