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Rock Art!
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 26 January 2015
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211839
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 180x230 mm
  • Illustrations: 256
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £9.99
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Rock Art!


Painting on rocks, stones and pebbles by Denise Scicluna (Author)

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Book Description

Rock Art! is the ultimate guide to painting eccentric art on rocks!

This book makes it possible for anyone to create extraordinary art projects and crafts with ordinary rocks. The first part of the book will give you tips as to how to go about picking your pebbles and how to get started.

You’ll find that your finished rock art projects can be used in practical, stylish, fun and decorative ways. Once painted, pebbles can be used as jewellery, lucky amulets, games, love tokens, bookends, special gifts or home and garden décor objects!

Get creative and use your rock painting art in a variety of crafty projects.

Table of Contents

Denise’s World 7

Getting Started 8
We’re Going on a Rock Hunt 10
Be Inspired 14
What Do You Need? 16
Make Your Own Rocks 18
Preparation 20
Finishing Touches 22

Rock Your Pebbles 24
At the Zoo 26, Bicycle Wheels 28, Under the Sea 30, Rock Garden 32, Funny Faces 34, Into the Woods 36, Fruit Salad 38, Wise Owls 40, Let’s Get Linear 42, Easy as ABC 44, Mushrooms 46, Fish Out of Water 48, Up, Up and Away! 50, Keep It Simple 52, Pebble Pets 54, Googly-Eyed Monsters 56, Colour Pops 58, Flower Power 60, Consequences 62, Autumn Leaves 64, Super-Cute Sea Creatures 66, Light as a Feather 68, Rock Stars 70, The Man in the Moon 72, Sunny Side Up 74, Rocky Road 76, Brilliant Bugs 78, Try Triangles 80, Animal Favourites 82, Making Mandalas 84, From Me to You 86, Hoot Your Pebbles 88, Tutti Frutti 90, Pebble Portraits 92, Misfit Monsters 94, Fish Tails 96, Love Hearts 98, Mice ’n’ Cheese 100, Get Folky 102, Flutter By Butterfly 104

Using Your Rock Art 106
Paperweight 108, Framed Pebbles 109, Bookends 110, Place Names 112, Pendants 114, Brooches 115, Doorstop 116, Magnets 117, Noughts and Crosses 118, Story Pebbles 119, Toy Cars 120, Garden Ornaments 122

Index 124

Credits 128

About the Author

About Denise Scicluna

Born in Malta surrounded by sea and sun, and now based in London, Denise Scicluna is an art psychotherapist, painter and author who enjoys nature, creativity and pebble painting. You can find more of her work at www.denisesciclunaart.com and on her Instagram @denisescicluna_art


Love to Make

July 2015

In the spirit of our Kids Love to Make section, this book is packed full of even more fun, easy and cheap projects to make. However this isn't aimed at children but anyone who'd like to create extraordinary art projects and crafts from just ordinary rocks. The first part of the book provides tips on sourcing your stones and how to get started, and then guides you through many projects, all of which are achievable at home. Finally there's a gorgeous ideas section showing how you can use your transformed stones. It really is a rocking-good book!

Crochet Addict UK

February 2015

There is one word that describes this book; FUN, my son and I love collecting rocks. This book has inspired us. We are going to spend his next school holidays decorating all the rocks we have collected. Denise has some amazing ideas. There is so much packed into this book! So many designs and so much information for you to recreate the designs yourself. The thing I also love about this book is I don't need to buy any special equipment. Just pick up a rock with some paint and hey presto you are on your way to creating your own fun rock.

The step-by-step instructions are supported with clear and beautiful pictures. When not showing you how to decorate your stone there are hundreds of pictures to give you even more ideas. Who knew a small little stone could be transformed into so many different amazing rocks. They are brilliant to make with children and they are brilliant for making story games with. Not only does Denise show you how to create the designs she also gives you ideas of how you can use your rocks. Stones have never been such fun! I love this book and can't wait to spend time with my son to create some.

To see this review in full and others similar www.crochetaddictuk.com


February 2015

There are pebbles and rocks everywhere, but did you ever consider them to be blank canvases? This book shows you how to transform a humble stone into a work of art.


If you live near a beach or a river you will find collecting pebbles easy, but dont despair if you cant find anything suitable grab some polymer clay and make your own. This is the type of hands-on approach you will get from this fun book, as well as a brief look at the three main types of rock and some rock hunting tips. You dont need many materials to get started but the author provides plenty of help with getting started, varnishing, making clay pebbles plus other useful things. This book is mostly filled with ideas and projects. Look at your stone to see what the shape suggests, then follow the simple instructions and fill your house with monsters, fish, owls, words, mandalas, abstract designs, animals, flowers and people. Turn your creations into place settings, jewellery, lucky charms, games, fridge magnets, bookends and paperweights. The fun, quirky project pages show in a few steps how it is done, with ideas and suggestions for use. All the pieces have amusing names and look as though they would be fairly simple and enjoyable to make. At the back of the book there are photographs of ideas for using the painted pebbles, many of which did not occur to me who had hitherto only seen them used as paperweights! It is always good to see a craft book on an unusual subject, especially a fresh look at an old and rather forgotten one.

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