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Vibrant Acrylics
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 23 March 2012
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781844486977
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 100
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £14.99
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Vibrant Acrylics


A contemporary guide to capturing life with colour and vitality by Hashim Akib (Author)

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Book Description

Be prepared for an exciting, vibrant and different approach to using acrylics. With infectious energy and enthusiasm, Hashim Akib shows how acrylics can be used in unusual, surprising ways to create beautiful paintings full of life, atmosphere and colour. Step-by-step demonstrations, exercises and expert advice illustrate his simple, yet effective techniques and there are many inspiring examples of what can be achieved. This extensive book details step-by-step projects that include urban landscapes, pet portraits and abstracts. Neither beginners nor more experienced artists will want to be without this book.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Acrylics 8
What makes a good painting? 10
Materials 14
The importance of drawing 20
Starting off 26
Dramatic composition 44
Tone and colour 48
Building up your skills 52

Step-by-step project: Antiques and Tennis Ball 58

Step-by-step project: Benny 70

Step-by-step project: Woodland Light 80

Step-by-step project: Hard Life 90

Step-by-step project: Brick Lane Sun 98

Step-by-step project: Rush Hour 108

Step-by-step project: Light Tracks 120

Index 128

About the Author

About Hashim Akib

Hashim Akib is an internationally renowned artist and is represented by several galleries in the UK. He has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, New English Art Club, British Artists and Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries in London. He also has two paintings in the UK’s National Art Collection. In 2009 he won the SAA Artist of the Year competition and has produced DVDs in partnership with Daler-Rowney and an online acrylic course for Domestika. Before becoming an artist, Hashim worked as an illustrator for 15 years. His clients included the likes of The Times Newspapers, Time Magazine, Royal Mail Stamp, Boots and New Yorker Magazine.

Hashim has taught his unique techniques to students at art schools in the UK, Italy and France. His first book Vibrant Acrylics, was first published by Search Press in 2012 and has now been translated into French, German, Italian and Dutch. Other books he’s written include Artist’s Painting Techniques, Painting Urban and Cityscapes and Painting Portraits in Acrylics. He’s been a contributing writer for the Artist and Illustrators Magazine for over ten years. Visit his website www.hashimakib.co.uk



Aug 12

This is a totally original way of painting with acrylics. The colours in Hashim's work really "sing". I have attended two of his workshops and this book takes me further with his technique. If you want to produce paintings that are really sensational then buy this book.-"Diane Rensch", Amazon


May 12

Acrylics are often described as the most versatile painting medium. The range of effects and colours is huge. So how can artists make best use of them? Often the sheer vibrancy of the colours can be off putting for artists more accustomed to the gentler palettes of watercolour and oils. Akib has created a book which helps artists use acrylics to their best advantage. A skilled artist and illustrator, he provides several step by step projects to demonstrate techniques such as creating woodland light, drawing animals and still life projects. Advice too is given on good drawing techniques, creating a composition and developing tone and colour. Hints are given on using acrylics in abstract paintings to make light tracks, as well as an unusual project showing how to paint crowds of people. This is not a subject that is often covered but in the modern day world, the rush hour and crowds of people offer lots of potential for townscapes. An interesting book, offering some new ideas on how to use this paint medium. This is a book that will be useful to both beginners and advanced artists.


May 12

Fantastic book covering painting in acrylics for total beginners but with so much information it will appeal to established users also. Hashim advocates using big brushes with large quantities of undiluted pure paint to quickly create and build up layers and depth to produce fresh rich paintings.

Hashim shows in this book how to utilise what I call mark making - there's bound to be a correct term but I don't know it to create what close up look like dashes of pure paint dotted onto the painting but seen from further back merge to create bright but realistic scenes. Its something I love but struggle with Im always tempted to refine too much and lose that lovely freshness this type of style creates armed with this book I intend to try further.

There's the usual advice found in these books on materials and techniques but some valuable but lesser heard tips such as timing oneself and stepping back form the painting every fifteen minutes. This allows us to look at what we've done and what needs to be done instead of my biggest fault becoming so immersed in the work that it becomes overdone and loses that fresh bright appeal. Hashim says each brush-stroke should count and when one is taking frequent breaks to look at whats been done and what needs to be done its easier to make it so instead of the slap on more paint and hope approach I often use......

there are numerous illustrations throughout the book showing exactly what Hashim means when he is explaining how to lay colour or use the brush in a certain way which is really helpful. There are also many useful exercises to practise that you've understood what he's saying.

The subject themselves range from animals and portraits to still life and landscapes really does contain a bit of everything and it makes it easy to see how the technique of big brush considered paint strokes can be used in so many different subjects.

An inspiring book useful and appealing to any artist, whether new to acrylics or an established user, who wishes to retain freshness and vitality in their paintings. I know I will find it very valuable.

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