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Look inside Colourful Sashiko
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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 14 June 2024
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781800922006
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: £12.99
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Colourful Sashiko


Includes 49 vibrant designs, essential techniques and stunning patterns by Sashikonami (Author)

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Book Description

Discover the wonders of sashiko with Japanese embroidery star Sashikonami! Create your own embellished items with detailed designs in vibrant colours.

Explore traditional Japanese embroidery patterns in this long-awaited book by popular sashiko author Sashikonami, which not only provides the basic sashiko simple designs but also intricate stitch patterns.

The designs, worked in a spectrum of coloured threads and fabrics as opposed to the traditional indigo, comprise over 60 geometric patterns, shapes and combinations. Try your hand at floral motifs, basketweave, musical notes, and more. In addition, the practical, pretty project items include dish cloths, purses and mini tote bags, coasters, pouches, face masks, sponge bags and glasses cases.

SASHIKO BASICS AND SIMPLE DESIGNS: Starting with the basics is crucial for any craft, and sashiko is no exception. Simple designs and visual instructions serve as a foundation for beginners, allowing them to build up their skills and confidence.

INTRICATE STITCH PATTERNS: A wide range of delicate stitch patterns both traditional and contemporary add depth and complexity to embroidery projects, making the book perfect for experienced embroiderers looking for a new challenge.

The combination of diverse designs, practical projects and clear instructions make Colourful Sashiko a valuable resource for anyone interested in traditional Japanese embroidery with a vibrant modern twist.

Table of Contents

Kaki-no hana (persimmon flowers) and its variations

1 Nijukaki-no hana (double persimmon flowers)

2 Kaki-no hana (variation 1)

3 Kaki-no hana (variation 2)

4 Kaki-no hana (variation 3)

5 Ju-no ki (cross-shaped trees)

6 Ju-no ki-ni arare (hail on cross-shaped trees)

7 Kawari hana juji (flower cross variation)

8 Kawari hana juji coasters


Dan tsunagi (connected steps) and its variations

9 Dan tsunagi

10 Yabane (arrow feathers)

11 Shimashima moyo (stripes)

12 Dan tsunagi variations


Sankaku y shikaku-no moyo (triangles and squares)

13 Sankaku moyo mini table mats

14 Small shikaku moyo cloth


Creating patterns

15 Original patterns sampler

16 Laces

1718 Shimashima moyo wash bag and kome zashi (rice pattern) washcloth

19 Traditional Japanese ohana moyo (flowers) drawstring bag


Zenigata zashi (coin pattern) and its variations

20 Rokumonsen zashi (six-coin emblem pattern)

21 Zenigata zashi

22 Zenigata zashi (variation 1)

23 Zenigata zashi (variation 2)

24 Zenigata zashi sampler

25 Zenigata zashi purse


Juji hana zashi (flower cross pattern) and asa-no ha (hemp leaf)

26 Juji hana zashi sampler

27 Juji hana zashi pin cushion

28 Juji hana zashi

29 Juji hana zashi variation

3031 Juji hana zashi purse and traditional Japanese drawstring bag

32 Asa-no ha

33 Asa-no ha pin cushion


Kuguri zashi (stitching and weaving)

34 Kikko hana zashi (flower in turtle-shell pattern)

3538 Kikko zashi (turtle-shell pattern) and its variations

38 Kuguri zashi


Koushi (check), hana zashi (flower pattern) and kome zashi (rice pattern)

39 Koushi

40 Linear Hana zashi

41 Hana zashi sampler

42 Kome zashi sampler

43 Hana zashi

44 Hana zashi (variation 1)

45 Hana zashi (variation 2)

46 Hana zashi mini-tote

47 Kobana moyo (small flowers) purse

48 Kobana moyo child’s mask and cloth

49 Sasa zashi (bamboo pattern)


My sashiko workbook

Sashiko basics





Using a ring thimble

Preparing the thread

Knotting the thread

Tips for a good finish


Making a sampler


Tips for working juji hana zashi

Tips for working kikko hana zashi

Stitch patterns and projects

About the Author

About Sashikonami

Sashikonami is a popular Instagrammer with over 106k followers, who sells her works online. She has co-authored books in the past, and has featured her work in magazines. Colourful Sashiko is her first title as a standalone author.

Sashikonami started sashiko as she was fascinated by the beautiful patterns that could be created by moving needles through fabric; she was also looking for something to enjoy as she raised her children and discovered sashiko as a handicraft. Sashikonami creates beautiful and useful accessories using embroidered cloth, many of which are featured in Colourful Sashiko. The author lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Instagram: @sashikonami

Website: sashikonami.shopinfo.jp

Youtube: @sashikonami-

Facebook: @sashikonami.sashiko


Customer Review

I was initially attracted to the designs on the front cover, as they were so different to the style of Sashiko I currently do. The book shows a range of clear and colourful photos of designs in the first pages then some projects to make using the designs. Then general instructions followed by tips for working various projects. Then there are stitch patterns for each design showing how to do the stitches, and different variations of the design. Then pattern templates for the projects.

I have done some Sashiko but found there are different styles shown in this book. So far I have completed 3 of the designs in different styles from this book.

Kaki-no hana (persimmon flower), hana zashi (flower) and kugari Zashi (stitching and weaving). The stitches are simple, and once the design starts to grow you get into a flow and it grows quickly.

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