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Look inside Needle Felting Dolls
VIDEO: Flipthrough - Needle Felting Dolls
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 22 January 2023
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781800920132
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 700
  • Pages: 176
  • RRP: £19.99
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Needle Felting Dolls


A complete course in sculpting figures by Roz Dace (Author)

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Book Description

From the authors of Needle Felting for Beginners, awarded BEST CRAFT BOOK in The Craft Business Awards 2021.

The Woolly Felters Roz Dace and Judy Balchin bring you another fun-packed needle felting book, this time with dolls that are vibrant, quirky and full of character! 

Learn how to sculpt fairies, kawaii characters, a royal family, and even yourself or your friends. There are ten varied projects, each with needle felted clothing, hair and accessories. 

Roz and Judy provide practical ideas for designing your own dolls, familiarizing you with the basic doll to get you started and including an accessible 'help me' section for reference. Techniques like creating an inner core, working with a partial or full armature and both wet and dry felting are also covered. The dolls have a range of props such as a bag, spectacles, a toy rabbit, and even an armchair for Knitting Nigel to sit in! What makes these dolls so appealing is the expression and character they exude, and the authors show you how to capture this. Learn how to create realistic figures or more exaggerated caricatures, as well as how to inject personality through your choice of features, hairstyle, embellishments and pose!

Enjoy mastering this beguiling craft under the expert instruction of two award-winning authors.


Table of Contents

About needle felting
What you need
Inspiration and design
Getting started
The basic doll
Top ‘help me’ tips
Creating an inner core
Creating character and expression
The projects
Queen of Hearts
Danny Doodoll
Little Dancer
Knitting Nigel
Christmas Fairy
Kawaii Kate
Silver Surfer
Perfect Portraits
Mother Earth
Weird and Wonderful

About the Author

About Roz Dace

From an early age Roz has loved creative writing, drawing, painting and all crafts. Following time spent in Paris, where she learnt French at L’Alliance Francaise, she started her career in television and in the media before joining Search Press, where she enjoyed many years as Editorial Director commissioning practical art and craft books for international markets. Roz lives in Frome, Somerset.


Customer Review

It's thanks to these ladies that I discovered this amazing craft. I now teach felting workshops and am completely obsessed with needle felting!

I love making people and consider myself an experienced felter but when I saw they were bringing out a book on dolls, I couldn't resist! It's so comprehensive, even if you've never felted before you could still start with this book. It then takes you through several projects of increasing skill to very detailed, beautiful dolls.

Unlike most craft books, I want to make every single project in here. The instructions and pictures are fab. Hands down, this is by far the best, I don't think you'd need any others!

Customer Review

I have every one of Roz and Judys books or The Woolly Felters as they are known and with every one I just wonder how they can better the previous one but they do! Just like their previous titles this one starts simple and works up to the more complex figures. It doesnt matter if you have never done any needle felting before, as everything is very clearly laid out as to what is needed and the photography is just superb detailing each step along the way.

If you want to replicate whats in the book theres instructions to do that but even better you can go further and learn how to personalise your makes so that they resemble you or your family and friends! Its such a great fun book full of the authors' personalities and sense of fun and I highly recommend following them as The Woolly Felters on Facebook too to see more of their creations and fun tales that their characters get up to as this will only enhance your own creativity!

All in all another fantastic book and I will say it again how on earth are will they top this one?!

Customer Review

Ive only just recently begun needle felting but Im already hooked. I started with a Roz and Judy book Needle Felting for Beginners and was impressed with it, so I ordered this in advance. It was definitely worth waiting for as Ive received it this afternoon and Ive had my nose in it for a few hours now.

It takes you from a basic figure through ever more advanced ones to what I would consider very advanced figures and faces. The instructions and photos are excellent, very clear and detailed, which means even Im going to feel pretty confident at having a go at all of them.

There are plenty of tips and even instructions on how to make needle felted eyes, rather than using glass ones or black beads and also mouths with open lips and teeth. The Mother Earth doll especially, has really inspired me to make a variation myself.

All in all, a fantastic book and should be on every needle felters book shelf. Many thanks to Roz and Judy and I wait with baited breath for their next book.

Customer Review

There are no better needle felting tutorials to be found, than those by our very own well loved "Woolly Felters." I have all their books and they are all superb.

Not only are Roz and Judy excellent needle felters, they also are blessed with the exceptional skill of being able to convey their talent in the most thorough, and simply formulated way. They have this knack for being able to completely get inside the head of the total beginner and ensure that you can understand the instructions and have complete success, whilst still remaining completely relevant to the more experienced felter. All this without being condescending too!

There are no other books or tutorials out there that I am aware of, that teach you how to make realistic figures of real life people. The skill of these two sisters has to be seen to be believed. Just look at the back cover of the book if you don't believe me. You instantly know who they are!

From personal experience, I firmly believe that their books are the only ones that you need for total needle felting success.

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