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The Woodworker’s Technique Bible
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback flexi
  • Publication: 05 April 2021
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782219798
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 178x234 mm
  • Illustrations: 600
  • Pages: 256
  • RRP: £14.99
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The Woodworker’s Technique Bible


The essential illustrated reference by Paul Forrester (Author)

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Book Description

A complete step-by-step guide to essential woodwork techniques, from choosing and cutting timber to planning, measuring, marking, cutting, shaping and joining. Essential troubleshooting tips are supplied throughout.

  • Learn how to control power tools with accuracy, and select and use the 10 essential hand tools that will give your work a beautiful, hand-finished quality.
  • Choose from a selection of projects simple furniture and decorative items complete with cutting lists and full instructions to practise the techniques.
  • Be inspired by a gallery of finished examples from professional woodworkers to take your woodwork further.

You will also find a wood identifier section that describes the key characteristics of different types of timber and suggests how to use them. Dip into this brilliant resource to build new skills, repair existing items and create fantastic projects.

Table of Contents

Wood and the workshop 6
Characteristics of wood 8, Buying wood 10, Wood directory 12, Veneers and inlays 18, Manmade boards 19, Planning a workshop 20, Workbench and accessories 22, Holding and clamping 24, Health and safety 26

Core tools and techniques 28
Buying tools 30, Measuring and marking 32, Basic tools 33, Basic techniques 34, Marking with squares 38, Marking with gauges 40, Sawing 42, Types of saw cut 43, Choosing a saw 44, Handsaw 46, Backsaw 47, Frame saw 48, Scroll saw 49, Jigsaw 50, Portable circular saw 51, Table saw 52, Mitre saw 56, Radial-arm saw 58, Bandsaw 60, Planing 62, Hand planes 63, Hand planing 64, Machine planing 68, Squaring wood 70, Chiselling 72, Chiselling tools 73, Chiselling techniques 74, Routing 76, Plunge router 77, Routing techniques 78, Drilling and hammering 82, Drills 83, Drilling 84, Hammers and fasteners 85, Abrading 86, Scrapers 87, Sanding materials 88, Hand sanding 89, Power and machine sanding 90, Tool maintenance 92, Sharpening tools 93, Sharpening techniques 94, Power tool maintenance 98

Jointing techniques 100
Principles of wood jointing 102, Choosing a joint 104, Gluing and clamping 106, Types of glue 108, Butt and lap joints 110, Edge and scarf joints 112, Dowel joints 116, Biscuit joints 118, Halving joints 120, Housing joints 122, Mortise-and-tenon joints 126, Dovetail joints 132

Specialist techniques 138
Shaping and bending 140, Cutting curves 141, Constructing curves 142, Kerfing 144, Bending laminates 145, Steam bending 146, Veneering 148, Applying veneers 149, Decorative veneer effects 152, Woodcarving 154, Carving tools 155, Preparing to carve 156, Tool cuts 158, Relief carving 160, Carving in the round 162, Woodturning 164, Woodturning lathe 165, Turning tools 166, Spindle turning 168, Faceplate turning 170

Finishes and fittings 172
Choosing a finish 174, Preparing the surface 176, Applying a finish 178, Hinges and locks 182

Practical applications 186
Small table 188, Nursery furniture 194, Chest of drawers 200, Easy chair 208, Dovetailed box 216, Carved pumpkin box 220, Turned toadstools 224

Gallery 228
Chairs and seating 230, Tables and desks 236, Cabinets, shelving and storage 240, Decorative woodwork 248

Glossary 250
Index 252
Credits 256

About the Author

About Paul Forrester

Paul Forrester grew up near a small village in Surrey, England, spending much of his childhood in the local carpenters’ workshop. After many successful years as a professional photographer, he followed his true passion and became a woodworker. Paul created all kinds of furniture for his local community before he retired. He is also the author of The Woodworker's Handbook.

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