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Look inside The Watercolour Sourcebook
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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 12 April 2022
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218975
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x285 mm
  • Illustrations: 500
  • Pages: 264
  • RRP: £14.99
  • Series: What to Paint
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The Watercolour Sourcebook


60 inspiring pictures to transfer and paint with full-size outlines by Search Press Studio (Author)

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Book Description

The Watercolour Sourcebook is a compilation of four selected titles from the What to Paint series, chosen specially to illustrate the wide range of scenes and subjects that can be captured in watercolour.

The works of four master watercolourists Geoff Kersey, Terry Harrison, Peter Woolley and Wendy Tait are brought together in a collection of 60 beautiful, detailed projects on the subjects of trees, woodlands and forests; landscapes; hills and mountains and flowers respectively. Each project results in a full painting that is accompanied at the end of the book by a full-size outline that can be copied and applied to the artist's own watercolour paper using tracedown paper and pencil.

The Watercolour Sourcebook aims to provide a wealth of inspiration to the painter who struggles to decide upon their subject matter, and arms the artist with everything they need to know about what they're about to paint, from colour palette to useful techniques.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Transferring the image 8, Composing from the outlines 10, Techniques and effects 12

Landscapes 16
Poppies by the Track 18, Millstream Cottage 20, Winter's Day 22, First Footprints 24, After the Rain 26, Tide Mill 28, A Walk Along the Lane 30, Cornish Harbour 32, Waterside Walk 34, Cooling Off 36, Hard Day's Work 38, Castle Combe 40, The Village Gossips 42, Another Winter 44, The Mountain Stream 46

Flowers 48
Tulips 50, Snake's Head Fritillary 52, Anemones 54, Pansies 56, Canary Bird Roses 58, Fuchsias 60, Sweet Peas 62, Cherry Blossom in Glass Jar 64, Oriental Poppies 66, Snowdrops 68, Golden Lilies 70, Pink & White Roses 72, Hollyhocks 74, Japanese Anemones & Lavender 76, Sunflowers 78

Trees, Woodlands & Forests 80
Woodland Stream 82, Manhattan Park 84, Footbridge in the Woods 86, Winter Silhouettes 88, Rowing Boats 90, Winter Walkers 92, Golden Light 94, Kensington Gardens 96, Autumn at Chatsworth 98, Winter Glow 100, Woodland Bridge 102, Bluebell Wood 104, Forest Firs 106, New Forest Ponies 108, Woodland Reflections 110

Hills & Mountains 112
Mountain Mist 114, Snowy Peaks 116, Sea of Cloud 118, Winter Crags 120, The View from the Summit 122, The Last of the Sun 124, Rocks and Scree 126, Mountain Stream 128, Traversing the Ridge 130, Sunset: Best Time of Day 132, Snow and Shadows 134, The Illusion of Space 136, Hills and Lakes 138, The Weather in the Hills 140, Iconic Peak 142

Index & Outlines 144

About the Author

About Search Press Studio

Best-selling authors and designers from Search Press.


Paint Magazine (SAA)

With 60 images ready to trace and get the composition right before you start, theres plenty of variety in this attractive compilation.

Its also worth saying that the material comes from the What to Paint series, so, if you have those, you probably wont need this. If you havent, however, youll find Terry Harrison on landscapes, Wendy Tait on flowers, Geoff Kersey on trees and woodlands and Peter Woolley on hills and mountains. All these experienced and popular teachers include more than just the basics, with surroundings, perspectives and settings, providing images that should satisfy the most demanding student.

SAA Catalogue

In this exciting and informative book, four of your favourite artists present easy to follow demonstrations of landscapes, flowers, trees and mountains. Each one is accompanied by an outline drawing for you to trace onto watercolour paper, getting the composition right every time.

By keeping everything simple, the instructions can be kept to a single two-page spread. In this way, you're not constantly switching about and trying to work out where you are. You can see everything from the colour palette to the finished result at all times, with highlights of the important details picked out just where you need them.

Terry Harrison works with rural scenes that include buildings, water, sunshine, clouds and snow. Wendy Tait's flowers demonstrate single varieties as well as settings and bouquets, taking full advantage of the variety of colours available. Geoff Kersey paints trees in all seasons from bare branches to full canopy and he includes spring flowers as well as boats and figures. Peter Woolley illustrates wide mountain vistas and single crags and shows you how to create effective foregrounds and skies in a variety of weather conditions.

This is packed with subjects, projects and ideas and will give you as much material to work with as you could wish.

Customer Review

Another great release! This book has given me the renewed interest to try painting subjects other than landscapes, such as different flowers, woods and cottages. So many to choose from, with sketches in the back of the book to get you started and advice at the front of the book. You can even merge two pictures so that you have different flowers in one picture. Ive regained my interest in painting, have purchased new paintbrushes, Im going to try in both watercolour and acrylic paints, even my mum and sister have read with interest and want to give it a go. Id recommend this book as it offers great pictures and advice. Search Press have excelled again in releasing a great book.

Leisure Painter

The Watercolour Sourcebook contains material previously published in Search Press's What to Paint series, including the work of four popular watercolourists, Geoff Kersey, Terry Harrison, Peter Wooley and Wendy Tait. This new book contains 60 detailed projects, each of them resulting in a full painting, in a range of subject, from trees, woodlands and landscapes to hills, mountains and flowers. Full-size outlines are included at the end of the book so that you can get painting straight away.

The book follows a well-tested formula, that allows painters to build their confidence and produce work they are proud of with helpful tips, techniques and colour palette information shred along the way.

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