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Look inside Plein Air Painting with Oils
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback With flaps
  • Publication: 25 January 2022
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218760
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 300
  • Pages: 176
  • RRP: £15.99
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Plein Air Painting with Oils


A practical & inspirational guide to painting outdoors by Haidee-Jo Summers (Author)

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Book Description

Artists who wish to explore the world of painting with oils en plein air will love the freshness and vibrancy of the work in this book as well as the expert, down-to-earth advice of its author.

Award-winning artist Haidee-Jo explores the appeal of working outside with oils and the enormous benefits it can bring in terms of personal well-being. She also shares her techniques to allow the reader to invest their oil artwork with light, motion and life.

With dozens of Haidee-Jo's artworks to provide inspiration to the reader, and clear, step-by-step demonstrations throughout, this book provides both an expert guide to the challenges, opportunities and fun of painting outdoors; and provides an insight into the working methods of this dynamic artist.

Table of Contents

Foreword 6, An introduction to painting outdoors 8, Choosing a subject 12, Getting outside: equipment and supplies 18, Painting outside: The bigger picture 32, Chasing the light: alla prima 44, Step-by-step Improving your visual memory 52, Slowing down: painting over multiple sessions 62, Colour and your palette 70, Step-by-stepFog and Ruby Chard 80, Design and impact: composing your artwork 84, Step-by-stepFree Range Hens at Low Bradfield 96, Step-by-stepWaterfall 106, Still life en plein air 108, Step-by-stepLog Pile 114, Painting in daylight 118, Step-by-stepPink Cherry Blossom Against the Sky 124, Step-by-stepBeyond the Gate 132, Working with the weather 140, Painting around people 152, Exploring further: working in the studio 170, Afterword 174, Index 176

About the Author

About Haidee-Jo Summers

Haidee-Jo Summers is an award-winning artist whose work has appeared in exhibitions worldwide. Oils are her preferred medium, though she has taught in many different media, on subjects ranging from gardens to portraits. Hooked on plein air painting, Haidee-Jo paints anywhere, no matter how busy or crowded the setting, how complex the scene or how difficult the weather.

Since graduating from De Montfort University in 1994, Haidee-Jo has received many awards for her work and been elected to membership of the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters and Royal Society of Marine Artists. Her work, which features fresh and vibrant brushwork coupled with keen drawing and observational skills, has an international following. She is an editorial consultant for The Artist magazine and her first book on oil painting, Vibrant Oils, was published in 2017.



SAA Catalogue

This is a fascinating and thorough guide to working outdoors that feels much more like an adventure with an old friend than a course of instruction. Chapters include working with changing light, allowing for weather and even working around people. On top of this, there's plenty of advice on practice, from colour and brushwork to composition, planning, both on the ground and on the canvas, and finishing off in the studio.


Time spent with Haidee-Jo is always time well spent and feels more like a relaxed conversation with an old friend than any kind of tutorial process. If youve watched any of her DVDs, youll know that she spends time discussing not just ways of applying paint, but of reacting to scenes and conditions, explaining the way the creative process works perhaps better than anyone else.

A book is a very different beast, of course, and needs to be more prescriptive than discursive. The written word doesnt um and ah, doesnt wave its arms about to make a point eloquently and doesnt get distracted by a sudden gust of wind. At least, it shouldnt, though we can all think of books that wander infuriatingly off the topic. No, I wont be mentioning any names.

For all that, what we have here is an enjoyable ramble through the ways of oil painting. And thats not a sentence Ive ever written in forty years. Rambling is normally associated with watercolour; oils are a much more serious business. Arent they? You see, thats the thing, Haidee-Jo is a painter who happens to work in oils, not a (serious voice) Painter In Oils. The medium is very much not the message, merely (is that the right word?) the messenger, a way of communicating form, colour, composition and emotion.

There, Ive said it, Ive used the E word, because thats really what this book is about. The subtitle (theyre always instructive) is a practical and inspirational guide to painting outdoors. What youll get here is advice about the practicalities of working the field equipment, preparation, adaptation as well as how to recognise a subject and construct a scene, whether its landscapes, trees, flowers, buildings, water or even people. Theres consideration of light, weather, seeing, interpreting, remembering (because scenes change before your very eyes) and, of course, getting the all-important paint on the also-important canvas.

This is an enjoyable book that cant but inspire you to get outside. You probably cant take Haidee-Jo with you, so youll just have to imagine her.

The Artist

Time spent in Haidee-Jo's company is always time well spent. She is adept at voicing her thought processes and showing how the creative endeavour develops in the face of changing circumstance, light and the way the work itself progresses. This is not, therefore, a straightforward book of instruction, but rather a tour round the process of painting outdoors and dealing with both the practical and theoretical considerations it raises. A quick flick through the pages reveals a wealth of visual material - just about every one of the 176 pages is packed with illustrations. These cover all of the subjects you'd expect as well as a variety of compositions, light and weather conditions. As well as demonstrations, there are plenty of discussions of aesthetics, colour, recession and ways to set up.

This should delight any oil painter and is one of the most complete and absorbing books on the subject.

Amazon Customer Review

A super, no nonsense guide, Haidee-Jo deals with all aspects of starting out with plein air painting. The book is beautifully and liberally illustrated. The whole process, from choosing the correct equipment and paints to finding inspiration and coping with every weather condition is covered with practical advice. Exercises and examples are used throughout, based on the artists own experience and work. She even discusses the main barrier that may prevent some people engaging in plein air painting, i.e. painting in public and there is a chapter dealing with options for works which for whatever reason havent made the grade.

It is a comprehensive work filled with a wealth of knowledge and information and the artists obvious love and enthusiasm for her subject, a must for anyone wishing to take their first steps outside.

Amazon Customer Review

As a regular plein air painter I found the finishing Pearls of wisdom very relatable and written with kind humour! This book appeals across the experience range, with essential information for beginners to reinforcement for the more experienced; a visual treat clearly written with examples and exercises.

Amazon Customer Review

Everything you need to know to help you start plein air painting. Suitable for all. Haidee-Jo offers practical advice given in her easy to read style. She has condensed her years of experience into this fabulous book and given us a chance to join her on this amazing adventure. Just brilliant!

Amazon Customer Review

Ive looked forward to the release of this book by my favourite plein air artist Haidee-Jo Summers and it certainly doesnt disappoint. There is lots of inspiration for anyone wanting to give plein air painting a try. I know I have wanted to paint en plein air but being an amateur have not had the confidence. Haidee-Jos book certainly encourages me to give it a go.

Her book provides lots of helpful and practical advice and tips on how to go about this, from what equipment you may need and how to transport this, colour palettes and colour mixing, how to compose a painting and how to simplify subjects, how to deal with changeable weather. There are demonstrations to show her painting process from quick sketches to doing tonal washes leading to final paintings. And she provides exercises for you to try to gain more confidence such as doing timed paintings against the clock in small panels to help you learn to paint faster, and painting from memory to develop your short term visual memory, all helpful for painting outside in order to get the essential details down before your subject changes!

Even though this is not a hardback book it has a sturdy glossy cover and the pages are of good quality with a plentiful number of good quality photos of Haidee-Jos beautiful paintings to drool over and envy! She truly is the expert and advocate for plein air painting, not just of landscapes but of the everyday subjects that a lot of people would overlook, as Haidee-Jo has the knack of finding the light and shadows that bring out their beauty and creating a stunning painting. I cant recommend this book highly enough.

Customer Review

I should first of all say that I am not an oil painter. I paint mostly in watercolour and sometimes in gouache or casein paint. However I just love this book. It is packed full with information and her beautiful paintings, and I cannot wait to get out there after looking at this. It is really inspiring and packed with practical advice too. Well done Haidee-Jo, this is a winner for sure!

Customer Review

This book is full of very useful information. Beautifully illustrated to inspire the artist to get out and give plein air a go. I am an experienced painter but found lots of very useful advice within the pages.

Leisure Painter

Award-winning artist and editorial consultant to The Artist magazine, Haidee-Jo Summers describes herself as hooked on plein-air painting and here she shows us why. Haidee-Jo's work is fresh and full of vibrancy. With a deceptively easy sweep of her brush, she can bring her canvas to life and her work will energise you to have a go yourself. There's plenty of clear step-by-step demonstrations to work through with Haidee-Jo at your side offering paractical advice to overcome challenges that painting outdoors in the elements can throw at you. Above all, it is the sense of well-being that painting outside can bring to you that she is so keen to share and her love of plein-air painting will surely be contagious.

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