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Look inside Acrylic Paint Pouring
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 28 May 2020
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218463
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 225x225 mm
  • Illustrations: 165
  • Pages: 112
  • RRP: £12.99
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Acrylic Paint Pouring


16 fluid painting projects & creative techniques by Tanja Jung (Author)

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Book Description

Now it's easier than ever to create amazing art using acrylic paints! Paint pouring is the latest technique to take the art world by storm, and stunning and unique effects can be achieved by simply pouring acrylic paint onto a surface.

Discover the qualities of acrylic paint and the variety of mediums, gels, pastes and resins that is available to create a huge range of fascinating effects. There's advice on what tools you'll need, the kinds of painting surfaces that are suitable for acrylic pouring, and how to dry and seal your finished picture ready for display.

After the comprehensive techniques section, which includes intriguing methods such as dirty pour, flip cup, double swipe, puddle pour, tree rings and dipping, there are 16 great projects to try all with clear instructions, materials lists and step-by-step photographs. But there's no way you'll stop there paint pouring is addictive and you'll soon be creating amazing works of art of your own!

Table of Contents

Introduction 7
Materials 8
The World of acrylic paints 10
Materials for acrylic pouring 12
Additional materials 17
After pouring 23
Surfaces for acrylic pouring 26
How to start 28
Techniques 30
Mixing the paints 34
Setting up the workspace 36
Projects 38
Dirty Pour 40
Dirty Pour meets Flip Cup 44
Black Beauty 48
Orange Dream 52
Light as a Feather 56
Perfection All Round 60
Pink Cyclone 64
Dream Pair 68
Pull the Strings 72
Crazy Rings of Colour 76
All In One Go 80
Paint Puffball 84
Flower Power 88
Neon Night 92
Colour Bath 96
Double Dirty Cup 100
Index 106
About the author 108
Acknowledgements 109

About the Author

About Tanja Jung

Tanja Jung was born in Oettingen in Bavaria, Germany. She grew up in Munich and, when she was younger, had a passion for photography and painting. As an artist, she is self-taught. She is increasingly interested in all art forms and has experimented in numerous creative spheres such as inchies, scrapbooks, tangle drawing, mixed media, drawing, pouring, and so on. She teaches in many of these areas. In addition, she works in the specialist artist trade, holds training workshops in paint pouring and other creative techniques, and also works as a freelance artist.


The SEW Region Magazine - Book Threads

This book opened up a whole new world of artistic creativity for me. It covers its subject thoroughly with clear directions and excellent illustrations.

As its name implies, the book is all about the relatively new painting technique of pouring acrylic paint, mixed with a range of mediums, over a surface to produce intriguing abstract creations on a canvas or board.

The mediums used are key to the venture as they mix with the paints to help them flow and they also keep colours separate from each other. In addition to the basic gel medium, other substance such as silicone oil can be added the latter leading to the creation of oil-like cells of colour in the finished work.

In addition to precise explanations of the different materials, methods and techniques of paint pouring, there are 16 complete projects, explained and illustrated in detail, that will enable the reader to put theory into practice.

One last word of warning, care needs to be taken in setting up the workspace as the motion of pouring paint around will inevitably invite a spillage or two but what fun acrylic paint pouring can be!

Crafts Beautiful

Discover how to expand your artistic creativity, as Tanja Jung demonstrated various techniques in Acrylic Paint Pouring. By combining mediums, gels, pastes and resins, you can achieve a wide range of fascinating effects, before learning how to dry and seal your finished masterpiece.


Are you stuck indoors and longing for something to get those creative juices flowing? Step forward the exciting technique of paint pouring! Sounds simple? Well yes, it is, but there are ways and means you cam ;earn that will enhance what would otherwise be a haphazard result.

This simple book provides 16 inspiring projects, which introduce all the basics as well as the media you'll need. You will learn to control your materials so that you can produce recognise able images, as well as pleasant abstract shapes. There's plenty of information on tools and surfaces, too, an you'll be ready to get going straight away.

Paint pouring is really rather exciting and offers a variety of new creative opportunities that should stimulate even the most jaded imagination. Why not give it a go?


If you want to be taken by storm and are thinking of dipping your toe in the water, you wont find a better introduction than this. Quite rightly, no previous knowledge is assumed and there are clear explanations of materials, working methods and crucially what happens and why. To achieve control, you really do need to understand your materials and preparation counts for a lot, saving countless messy and potentially costly mistakes.

The core of the book is a series of sixteen straightforward projects, each disposed of in four pages. These get you practising techniques as well as discovering creativity; the lack of complication and over-thinking mean youre never going to feel lost. Theres no point in simply learning to follow paint-by-numbers instructions youre always going to be wanting to branch out on your own, which youll be ready to when youve finished here.

Leisure Painter

Freelance artist Tanja Jung, introduces us to the compulsive art of pouring paint in her new book Acrylic Paint Pouring. The unique effects that can be created by the technique have turned it into the latest craze and, here, Tanja describes exactly how to do it - with advice on what tools you will need, which surfaces are most suited to acrylic pour, as well as how to seal and display your finished paintings. Terms such as dirty pour, flip cup, double swipe, puddle pour, tee rings and dipping will all become clear to you! Each is clearly explained and demonstrated and there are 16 step-by-step projects for you to try.

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