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Look inside The Joy of Modern Calligraphy
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback hardback case containing 1 x 128-page PB instruction book and 1 x envelope for photocopiable practice sheets
  • Publication: 31 July 2021
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218395
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 256
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £15.99
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The Joy of Modern Calligraphy


A guide to the art of beautiful writing by Joyce Lee (Author)

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Book Description

A complete guide to modern calligraphy with Artsynibs.

Joyce Lee first picked up a calligraphy pen when she started making stationery for her wedding. For her, it is now a way of life, her career and what she calls a 'calligraventure'.

In this practical and inspiring book, Joyce introduces modern calligraphy, including the tools you need and how to use them. She teaches various techniques and methods for creating beautiful artwork to give you the confidence to embark on creative projects of your own, including handwritten envelopes, gift tags and an elegant monogram.

To help you practise your handwriting skills, the book is accompanied by an envelope of photocopiable practice sheets, contained within an attractive hardback folder. 

However, this is more than just an instructional guide; it encourages you to find joy in committing your thoughts to paper. Joyce believes that calligraphy is not just about perfecting the strokes, but about patience, concentration and slowing down to be mindful of the moment. Creativity is at the heart of us all; it simply needs to be unlocked, nurtured and given an outlet.

This book is everything calligraphy should be: classic, stylish, creative and thought-provoking. Fall in love with the art of handwritten lettering as you release your own creativity on the page.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
What is modern calligraphy? 10
Calligra-life lessons 22
Tools & materials 30
Theories & techniques 44

Gold rings on handwritten envelopes 94, Full circle artwork 98, Glamorous gold acrylic gift tags 102, Colour splash artwork 106, Digital monogram 110, DIY plant labels 114, Simple banner 118, Using coloured paper 122

Calligraphy FAQs 126
Index 128
Practice sheets

About the Author

About Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee is a modern calligrapher who works under the pen name Artsynibs. Set up in 2015, Artsynibs creates bespoke artwork, runs calligraphy workshops and collaborates with various companies including Dior, Topshop, Bentley, Harvey Nichols, Paperchase, John Lewis and Pentel. Joyce has also co-created a range of modern calligraphy kits with British pen company Manuscript, and these are sold across Europe, Asia and North America. Her work appears effortless and full of life, encouraging all who see it to try their hand at calligraphy themselves. Joyce is currently based in Singapore. For more information visit www.artsynibs.com.


The Edge - Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society

There are four things that in my opinion, set this book apart from other books about modern calligraphy:

  • The high quality of the edition
  • The reference to traditional calligraphy
  • The precise approach to theory and practice
  • The excellent support provided by pictures and photographs

From the first impression, its size, hard cover, and excellent photos make the book stand out from the rest. But the most valuable difference is presenting the textbook and the practice sheets separately. That allows comfortable working whilst being able to see the text at the same time.

The reference to traditional calligraphy is something that most modern calligraphy books ignore or mention lightly. In this book, a complete chapter not only describes the differences and the similarities between the two styles but illustrates those references with photos of other talented calligraphers as Rachel Yallop, Leanda Xavian, Huy Hoang Dao, Jessy Lim, Jason Peg, Rosana lbarrola, Brian Knowles, and Nicole Sprekelmann. This chapter also includes an example of Chinese calligraphy by Corrina Tai and ornamental calligraphy by Huy Hoang Dao.

In the first half of the book, about ninety pages, all vital aspects of practising calligraphy, from posture to materials and techniques, are detailed. It is a solid starting point for beginners and a valuable reference for more experienced calligraphers.

Joyce Lee's presentation on basic letter formation and variations of styles is straightforward, easy to follow and well-illustrated. These qualities are also present in the book's second part, with viable projects for every occasion.
I had the privilege of attending one of Joyce's workshops in Manchester, UK, many years ago, when I started with modern calligraphy. This book contains all the knowledge and support I felt she gave us in that class. I highly recommend it as a bridge between these two not always compatible styles, traditional and modern calligraphy.

Customer Review

Beautifully presented book with a hard cover for storage of the book and practice sheets. The only downside is the envelope that houses the practice sheets is a little flimsy and needs to be used with care. The book itself is clearly written, the diagrams and photography are excellent and easy to follow explaining the use of all the different pens, nibs and materials. It takes you from composition through to small projects to get you going. The practice sheets are A4 and a really helpful addition. I am enjoying working my way through this book its quite relaxing and mindful.

Customer Review

This is such a lovely book. I was pleasantly surprise to discover that it contained a folder type cover, which not only protects the book, but it also has a pocket for practice sheets (which are included). These images are clear and detailed. One of the things I especially like is the fact that the author encourages the reader to do each stage at their own pace and encourages self care and a sense of mindfulness. The book's exercises become more advanced as you progress through and at the end the book are some projects for the reader to try. I would highly recommend this book.

Crafts Beautiful

Find joy in committing your thoughts to paper through the art of beautiful writing with Joyce Lee's The Joy of Modern Calligraphy. Including techniques and methods to create beautiful makes such as envelopes and gift tags, there are also practice sheets so you can improve your handwriting skills. 

Amazon Customer Review

I love books - informative ones - however dislike 'coffee table books' (lots of photos, not much actual usable content/instruction). On first flick through I was worried, beautiful photos and calming colours - looks lovely but would it help a left-handed crafter who has given up looking at calligraphy books after some epic fails? When you look in the index there are only a couple of references to left-handedness, so I started reading the book from the beginning... and was immediately drawn in!

Absolutely usable information about pens (how they work, preparing the nibs), inks and paper - straight away I was able to understand some of the splodgy messes of the past, and the description around body and paper positioning meant I could just 'have a play' and follow what was happening instead of looking for separate left-handed instructions.

I love the '30-Day Calligraphy Challenge' and accompanying worksheets as it really breaks things down into manageable chunks both in terms of technique and time required each day (10 minutes or so) and I will be doing this.

This book is perfect for a beginner or someone who has struggled in the past and should act as a springboard to venturing into more traditional styles of writing if desired. The projects at the end of the book are nice too if you need inspiration.

Amazon Customer Review

I was sent this book to review and it arrives as a hardback with two sections, one for the paperback book and one for some practice sheets included. These sheets are nice to have as being single sheets allow for easier use, rather than many books that have them inside the pages, making them harder to access.

The book is a nice style and focuses on the holistic art of writing. You can tell that the author loves their work and their craft and wants to enable others to find the joy they do. The steps are clear and well laid out and not too overwhelming for beginners and you can definitely see the 'modern' feel in the different projects. Would be perfect for those who want to hand letter their own invitations for weddings or events etc.

Amazon Customer Review

This book arrived encased in a beautiful hard covered folder complete with 20 practice sheets, a good start from this respected publisher. The book itself is beautifully set out with clear advice, instructions and photographs throughout. Joyce takes you through the background to modern calligraphy, talks you through the tools required to get you started (you won't need many at outset) and a step-by-step approach to achieve the lettering.

The book teaches one style of lettering, which I think helps to focus learning. As someone who has learnt various styles of calligraphy in the past, I think it is good to focus on one style when you are learning. There are suggestions within the book to vary the lettering and flourishes to suit your own style. Once you have mastered the basics, there are eight projects at the end of the book to get you started on your journey.

A modern, easy to follow book that will soon have you writing with style. A great book for someone looking to improve their handwriting via a new hobby.

Amazon Customer Review

This book is gorgeous, I love the presentation and the hardcover to keep all your practice pages together is just perfect to me. This isn't a calligraphy how-to rammed with styles to copy, it's a complete calligraphy practice taking you through breathing, posture and tension to developing your own style.

I tried calligraphy before and it looked ok but I've very much enjoyed going right back to the start again and being led through all the correct steps by this book (never have I prepared my nibs properly, I didn't even know it was a thing before now!)

It's a very calming, meditative practice following along with the book and I've loved taking a little bit a day quietening the mind and focusing on just forming the right strokes, no distractions. I love the way the book is presented and it soothes my soul, I'm treating it as a bit of 'me time' every time I dip into it and I would absolutely gift this book to a friend.

PaperCrafter Magazine

When looking for a good crafting guide, it can be hard to find something that will give you the in-depth training you want. Luckily, Joyce Lees The Joy of Modern Calligraphy offers everything you need and more. Delving deep into the theories, techniques and lifestyle that underpin the art of beautiful writing, Joyces book takes your calligraphy journey seriously. Her guidance is split into manageable sections, including a 30-day practice challenge she invites you to complete along the way. Even better, the book comes with 20 loose practise sheets for you to hone your new calligraphic mastery!

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