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Look inside Head-to-Toe Winter Knits
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback flexibound
  • Publication: 08 October 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782216087
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 190x235 mm
  • Illustrations: 600
  • Pages: 208
  • RRP: £9.99
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Head-to-Toe Winter Knits


100 quick and easy accessories to knit by Monica Russel (Author)

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Book Description

This gorgeous book brings together 100 of the best winter knits from best-selling author and knitting designer, Monica Russel. Previously published in the 20 to Make series, these fabulous designs are quick and easy to make, and include scarves, wrist warmers, hats, boot cuffs, headbands and snoods. With designs for men, women and children in a range of colours and styles, there is something for everyone in this valuable knitting resource. 

Using material from the following 20 to Make titles: Knitted Boot CuffsEasy Knitted ScarvesKnitted Wrist WarmersKnitted HeadbandsKnitted Snoods and Knitted Hats - this book provides a wealth of inspiration with projects that will become an essential part of your winter wardrobe!

Table of Contents


Knitting know-how

The Projects

Fuchsia Scarf 10
Sparkler Wrist Warmers 12
Lacy Fern Headband 14
Hemingway Boot Cuffs 16
Peruvian-style Hat 18
Regal Snood 20
Heather & Skye Scarf 22
Chic Stripes Wrist Warmers 24
Lacy Dream Headband 26
Bramble Boot Cuffs 28
Green Patterned Cap 30
Summer Garden Snood 32
College Stripe Scarf 33
Lilac Wrist Warmers 34
Snowflake Headband 36

Penguin Boot Cuffs 38
Winter Walkies Hat 40
Foxy Boxy Snood 42
Frivolous Florence Scarf 44
Fair Isle Wrist Warmers 46
Gooseberry Headbands 48
Quackers Boot Cuffs 50
Fair Isle Tam 52
Leaf Scarf 54
Parisienne Chic Scarf 56
Cable Wrist Warmers 58
Versatile Mesh Headband 60
Valentine Boot Cuffs 62
Slouchy Hat 64
Rooster Snood 66
Steely Tweed Scarf 68
Frosty Wrist Warmers 70
Dusty Headband 72
Allure Boot Cuffs 74
Santa Slouch Hat 76
Purple Mist Snood 78
Candy Stripe Scarf 80
Playful Wrist Warmers 82
Alice Flora Headband 84
Imperium Boot Cuffs 86
Winter Thyme Beanie 88
Ophelia Snood 90
Ribbed Scarf 92
Heathland Wrist Warmers 94
Forties-style Headband 96
Pig in the Grass Boot Cuffs 98
Stripes & Fair Isle Hat 100
Blossom Snood 102
Autumnal Stripes Scarf 104
Parisienne Hand Warmers 106
Two-tone Cable Headband 108
Clarice Boot Cuffs 110
Cable-knit Bobble Hat 112
Graphite Snood 114
Autumn Haze Scarf 116
Bobble Tree Wrist Warmers 118
Diamond Fair Isle Headband 120
Bouclé Boot Cuffs 122
Chunky Rainbow Knit Hat 124
Adriatic Snood 126
Red Rooster Scarf 128
Mondrian Wrist Warmers 130
Cable Headband 132
Blooming Boot Cuffs 134
Ribbed Pompom Hat 136
Agincourt Snood 138
Bobble Scarf 140
Button Cable Wrist Warmers 142
Snowflake Headband 144
Oakshield Boot Cuffs 146
Cloche Flower Hat 148
Harlequin Snood 150
Pompom Scarf 152
Tiger Ruche Wrist Warmers 154
Springtime Headband 156
Electric Kicks Boot Cuffs 158
Autumnal Beanie 160
Starry Night Snood 162
Zebra Razzle Scarf 164
Autumn Wrist Warmers 166
Flossie Flower Headband 168
Flossie Flower Headband 170
Fair Isle Beanie 172
Caramel Snood 174
Bolero Scarf 176
Pastel Wrist Warmers 178
Red Robin Headband 180
Art Deco Boot Cuffs 182
Lacy Rose Beret 184
Matisse Snood 186
Simple Lace Scarf 188
Breakfast at Tiffany's Wrist Warmers 190
Dynamic Wave Headband 192
Button Boot Cuffs 194
Chunky-knit Beanie 196
Muriel Snood 198
Caramel Wrist Warmers 200
Unisex Headband 202
Parisienne Boot Cuffs 204
Cable-knit Peaked Cap 206
Unisex Headband 202
Parisienne Boot Cuffs 204
Cable-knit Peaked Cap 206

About the Author

About Monica Russel

Monica Russel is a best-selling Search Press author with over 95,000 books sold throughout the world. She runs a knitting business through her website www.theknitknacks.co.uk, and she designs all her own patterns and knitting kits, which use only natural fibres. She attends many craft and knitting fairs and has had numerous patterns featured in knitting magazines and books.

Monica lives in East Sussex, UK.


Machine Knitting Monthly

Here are 100 quick and easy designs to make including scarves, wrist warmers, hats, boot cuffs, headbands and snoods. The designs are for all the family and there's a wealth of inspiration with projects that will become part of any winter wardrobe.

Customer review

An absolute must have book for any knitter, its packed full of beautiful patterns for hats, scarves, gloves, snoods and so much more! The instructions with each pattern are clear and concise. There is also a full list of abbreviations used throughout the book leaving no room for confusion. I really like this book and I think perhaps my first make will be a pair of boot cuffs.

Customer review

My first impression was WOW as i opened the book and it does not disappoint. A variety of patterns, some making lovely gifts (boot cuffs for my grandson is one). The patterns use straight and circular needles, one colour wool or several. This book would suit a beginner to knitting and as they build their skills so they could explore the more complicated patterns. An all round excellent book.

Customer review

This book contains lots of lovely knits which are nicely laid out with well written patterns. There is a nice variety of colours and yarn types used. With some straightforward patterns alongside those with different stitches, colourwork and cabling there should be enough variety to keep most knitters happy. I am a fairly new knitter and the hardest part is trying to decide what to make first!

Customer review

This book has just arrived and I was surprised by how many projects were included. I have already have her book of wrist warmers that are included but with so many hats, scarfs, headbands and cute boot cuffs, you will be spoilt for choice. The projects use a variety of different yarn weights, colours and the instructions are easy to follow so you can make the items to suit you. Excellent photography and a lovely solid book.

Slipknot Magazine (Issue 162) - March 2019

This is a compilation of the various Twenty to Make books featuring patterns for scarves, wrist warmers, headbands, snoods, hats and boot cuffs. It is a mix of easy and more complex designs comprising lace, cables and colourwork. Specific yarns are not named but are described as 'light DK alpaca' or 'light worsted Aran' for example. A degree of experience is assumed as there is no section on techniques, but this would be a useful book for making gifts for anyone who is moving on from the beginner stage, as none of the projects are too large or complicated. 


You cannot beat 100 patterns for this price. A good variety of hand knitting patterns including hats, all manner of scarves and neck, wrist and leg warmers, cuffs, boot toppers, all manner of gloves and mitts plus headgear. From plain knits to stripes, cable, fair-isle, lacy and more. This book of big patterns has big appeal. Designs are mainly for women, over 90% with a few men's designs and children's designs. Clear photos and easy to follow pattern instructions.

Let's Get Crafting Issue 107 - Tea and a Chat with Monica Russel

/_uploads/Image Reviews/~MonicaRussel Lets Get Crafting.jpg

Knit Now, Issue 95

This latest book from designer Monica Russel comes at the perfect time as we head into winter. Featuring 100 quick and easy knits, the fabulous collection of designs include scarves, wrist warmers, hats, boots, cuffs, headbands and snoods. Perfect for all the family, this colourful collection will be a winter bookshelf essential and is ideal for beginner knitters who are looking to experiment and expand their skill set.

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