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Make It With Air-Dry Clay
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 22 December 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215165
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 180x230 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 112
  • RRP: £9.99
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Make It With Air-Dry Clay


20 fantastic projects for modelling, sculpting, and craft by Fay De Winter (Author)

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Book Description

Delve into the world of air-dry clay crafting with 20 beautiful, easy-to-make projects that are suitable for all skill levels. Air-dry clay looks, feels, and performs like traditional clay but requires no oven bake or fire. So you can create professional-looking ceramics in your own kitchen without the need for a kiln.
Each project comes with step-by-step photos and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. The book also includes instructions for all the core techniques, plus traceable templates. In no time you can create beautiful homewares and jewellery that will be sure to impress.

Table of Contents

Introduction 5

Chapter 1: Tools, Materials & Techniques 6
Materials 7, Tools and Equipment 10, Pinching 12, Coiling 14, Creating Slabs 16, Making and Pressing Sprigs 18, Surface Decoration 20, Sealing 24

Chapter 2: Projects 26
Gift Box Decorations 28, Elegant Feather Tags 32, Hanging Festive Decorations 36, Heart Wall Hanging 40, Impressed Trinket Dishes 44, Miniature Mirror 48, Miniature Button Pegs 52, Coral Ring 56, Coloured-clay Bead Necklace 60, Bird Brooch 64, Shell Earrings 68, Miniature Bird Sculpture 70, Miniature House Sculpture 74, Marbled Bead Bracelet 78, Flower Tealight Holder 82, Geometric Planter 86, Lidded Coil Pot 92, Balloon Barnacles 98, Marbled Pinch Pots 102, Pea Pod Bowl 106

Templates 110

Index 111

Credits 112

About the Author

About Fay De Winter

Fay De Winter is a London-based ceramicist, who has a BA in ceramic design from Central Saint Martins and an MA in contemporary craft from Farnham University for the Creative Arts. Fay loves to experiment with clay, exploring different perspectives of nature and travelling around the world. She believes objects tell stories of people’s lives, often holding personal and collective meanings of a particular time, place and event. Since graduating Fay has participated in many events and exhibitions in England, China, Japan, Bali, Milan, Bahrain and the USA.

See more at http://cargocollective.com/faydewinter


Customer Review

I have owned lots of different crafting books over the years, and this one is great. Firstly, the projects inside wouldn't be daunting at all for beginners which makes it a perfect option for someone who is completely new to air dry clay. There is a section at the start of the book with lots of information about different tools, how to keep your clay in working condition, decorating tips and more, and it is all set out in a very easy to understand way.

I have some experience already with air dry clay and still learned lots of tips and tricks that I didn't know before reading, and I will definitely keep coming back to this book to read the advice. Moving on to the projects inside, they are lovely. A few to note that stood out in particular for me were the miniature mirrors (Very cute), the bird sculpture project, and the Geometric Planter project. I loved the last one because it's the kind of project I wouldn't be able to just create on my own and a bit of a challenge for me. The book takes you through step by step, guiding you through all the measurements with pictures for each step.

There is a page at the back on the book next to the index with some templates for a few of the projects and advice on using them which is very helpful. Overall, I am very impressed with this book and would recommend it highly. The photography is close up and detailed, and the book itself is designed very well. I think Fay De Winter is a great teacher!

Customer Review

This is an excellent book. And very good for getting great ideas for an arts and crafts project I currently do with elderly residents at a care home. Definitely recommended


These easy-to-make projects are ideal for beginners. Create 'ceramic' makes that do not need to be fired with air-dry clay. It is often thought of as not as versatile as clay that needs to be fired in a kiln. The advantages are that this clay is easy to use with children. This book takes you through all the basics, making projects along the way and building your skills as you go along. There are step-by-step photos and instructions to make sure you don't fail. Mostly this book avoids the amateur, lumpy look of air-dry clay. There are 20 projects in all. The best is shown on the front cover - the bubble shallow dish. In Chapter One you will find Tools, Techniques including basic pinching, coiling and slabs. Chapter Two is the projects including, feather tags, miniature mirror frames, tealight holders and marbled pinch pots. A good introduction to air-dry clay.

Customer Review

Beautiful range of products to make, with something to suit everyone's personal style. My partner is a very beginner crafter and was able to make some things without my help. What I like is that there are things to make in the book if you only have a small amount of clay, but things to make too if you have a larger amount. The teauniques section is very detailed and lots of good photos. You won't need to spend a fortune on tools/paints either. A lot of the things are items you'll already have. Fantastic rainy day activity. I made my items with DAS clay.

Customer Review

Fab book very informative for a beginner looking forward to using my new skills

Customer Review

I have never made anything with clay and because these projects are air dried, it is a perfect book for me. There are a varied mix of items to try, from jewelry to tea light holders. Twenty in all. Fay includes lots of photos showing the process from start to finish. Also lots of tips and hints and ideas on using natural materials to adorn your projects. No oven drying so no need of a kiln. I am looking forward to making the miniature house. Certainly recommend this book.

Customer Review

Love this book.... so easy to follow with details of every thing you need and the templates on page 110 take all the guest work out of trying something new. The book is so colourful and full of hints and pictures of how to do ... a young child could easily follow instructions so it would be great for young children to craft beautiful items at home or school . I have in the past used Air Dry Clay so know it is easy to use but I am still impressed with this book with hints how to colour the clay and the use of nail polish. Thank you Fay De Winter this book is just what budding people need to help them maybe turn a hobby into full time work.

Customer Review

This is a fantastic book for people of all ages. I really love mine and my children loved helping out and being creative with it too. I was surprised that the clay can be made out of household products that you're more than likely going to have which was a great bonus as we could get stuck straight into creating. There's tips on how to colour your clay too to make colourful items. The book has a fantastic selection of items, 20 in total that you can make. So there's something to catch everyone's eye. All projects have very clear to follow step by step instructions and photos to guide you along the way. They also show what's items are required in order to make the specific item. My children loved getting involved and my partner too and they've picked a few items out that they would like to make their nanny so it's great for making a more personal gift for your loved ones. I definitely recommend it to anyone. Buy it! You won't be disappointed.

Customer Review

This is a great book for the beginner.....and some great projects to make with children. I really like the look of some of the projects, such as the Impressed Trinket Dishes, which I will definitely have a go at making. I helped some children make some little heart shapes for necklaces, & it was very easy to follow the instructions for Festive Hanging Decorations. The beauty of these projects in the book are that, you don't need a kiln & will probably (if you're a crafty person) have all the other essentials such as paint, already.
I just used the Book for a Crafternoon & it was very successful, with a number of projects completed with good results. I do however, feel that some of the projects are a little old-fashioned. But I really love the idea of the little Bird brooches and the Gift Box Decorations. Definitely a good addition to my crafting library.

Customer Review

This is a truly inspiring book by Fay De Winter. If you have never tried using air-dry clay, this will definately encourage you to try a new and exciting creative hobby. It is well designed with clear and concise instructions for every project you wish to make. Full of different techniques that are easy to follow for adults and children. With photos and step by step instructions from start to finish. This book will guide you into a magical creative talent. You will enjoy the endless possibilities of air-dry clay for any age group and abilities. Love this book.


You dont need a kiln or any expensive equipment when you work with air-dry clay; you dont even need an oven!  Have fun making twenty different projects and discover how versatile this medium can be.

 I confess to usually working with oven-fix products like Fimo or Sculpey when I fancy doing a spot of modelling.  I had assumed (erroneously) that air-drying clays were for children, a step up from plasticine but not really suitable for adult projects.  Reading through this useful book soon showed me I was wrong!  For example you dont need to buy it you can make it, and there are two recipes to try.  You can color it, work with it in much the same way as clay and make all kinds of things with it.  Learn how to look after it, work with it safely and what tools you need to obtain (many you already own) and master a few basic techniques.  These include making simple coil and pinch pots, roll out a neat flat slab, decorating, painting and sealing your work.  The rest of the book contains the twenty projects, which all have easy to follow step-by-step instructions with staged photographs.  Make your own feather shaped gift tags, decorate gift boxes and mirrors, design unique jewelry, tealight holders, pots and ornaments.  These are all fun, contemporary items that are simple and quick to make for beginners and serve as an introduction to this overlooked and surprisingly versatile medium.

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