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Look inside How to Make Resin Jewellery
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 01 February 2017
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213376
  • Stock: 47 in stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 215
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: £9.99
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How to Make Resin Jewellery


With over 50 inspirational step-by-step projects by Sara Naumann (Author)

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Book Description

Resin jewellery first started in the US around 6 years ago and has now become one of the fastest-growing trends in jewellery making. The technique is very simple you simply mix the two-part resin together and pour into a bezel or pendant. Rings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, hairpins and bracelets are all easy to make and look incredibly professional when done. 

In this inspiring book, well-known crafter Sara Naumann shows you just how easy and quick resin jewellery is to make, using minimal equipment and readily available products, and provides over 50 fabulous projects for you to try. You can add numerous items to the resin to achieve different effects. You can place paper in the bezels to act as a background to the resin such as old book paper, map paper, scrapbook paper and photographs. Paper can also be painted, stencilled, or layered with washi tape before being coated with resin. Try sheet music for a vintage vibe, or origami papers for a fresh, contemporary look. 

In addition, you can also immerse various items in the resin before it cures, such as dried flowers and leaves, feathers, shells, beads and charms, or try adding glitter, coloured inks, nail polish and virtually anything else you can think of. 

The versatility of resin jewellery is awe-inspiring, providing papercrafters as well as jewellery-makers with all the skills and inspiration they need to design and make their own stunning pieces. 

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Tools and Materials 8
What is Resin? 10
Troubleshooting 20
Paper Techniques 22
The Projects                                                                       
Using Paper 30
Scrapbook paper 32
Map paper 34
Book paper 36
Origami paper 38
Napkin and tissue paper 40
Washi tape and paper 42
Stamping 44
Heat embossing 46
Inkpad press 48
Image transfer paper 50
Mylar sheets 52
Fabric 54
Colouring Agents 56
Glitter Glue 58
Alcohol Ink 60
Nail polish 62
Acrylic Paint 64
Powder Inclusions 66
Enamelling powder 68
Pigment Powder 70
Clear Fine Glitter 72
German Glass Glitter 74
Embossing powder 76
3-D Inclusions 78
Megaflake 80
Buttons and watch parts 82
Natural inclusions 84
No-bezel Jewellery 86
Wooden shapes 88
Game pieces 90
Freeform Pieces 92
Commercial Moulds 94
Index 96

About the Author

About Sara Naumann

Sara Naumann has been teaching, designing and developing products, ideas and projects in the craft industry for over 20 years. She is the author of two books (How to Make Resin Jewellery, 2017 and 20 to Make: Washi Tape Cards, 2015). She has an active social media presence, with Facebook Live videos, YouTube, blogging and a weekly email newsletter. She has appeared on television programmes including QVC and Scrapbook Soup (in the US). Sara has been a monthly columnist for Crafts Beautiful magazine for nearly a decade. Teaching and inspiring crafters of all experience levels is her passion. Sara lives in Germany with her husband and daughter.


The Bead Society Journal

Sara Naum,ann is a papercrafting designer who has been in the art and craft industry for 20 years. This book is designed to introduct you as a beginner to the different projects which can be done with resin. Overall the projects are well photographed, clearly illustrating the descriptive techniques for each project which helps to follow the instructions. 

Overall this book illustrates very well the many uses of resin and some very inspiring projects for a beginner. It is informative and simple to follow.


Creative Hobbies

Resin jewellery is very easy to make and the technique is incredibly versatile. Popular craft author Sara Naumann shows you how to make beautiful pieces of jewellery for men and women, using simple techniques and inexpensive materials.

Great fun and quick to make you can add paper, fabric, photographs, shells, dried flowers, nail polish and more to the resin, producing professional-looking and stylish pieces that are totally unique. There are more than 50 projects to inspire you to create your own resin jewellery for yourself, or as gifts for family and friends. Ideal for beginners and more experienced crafters, prepare to become addicted!


Anybody who has ever mixed two-component epoxy glue has already got the required skill to make beautiful jewelry from resin.  For foolproof tips, what else to add to the mix and fifty projects this book will tell you the rest. 

I learned how to do this surprisingly simple and fun craft at the age of about eight with a kit.  There are some safety precautions to follow as this is a toxic substance but once you know how to use it (and you already will if you are familiar with epoxy) the rest is fairly easy.  This might make it sound boring, but it is an extremely versatile medium that can make some professional looking pieces and is a great way of recycling and upcycling all kinds of materials.  The first part of the book deals with what you need and how to do the basics, troubleshooting, using paper, beads, findings etc and the rest is devoted to the projects.  Before you get to them there is the excellent feature of a double page spread showing thumbnails of all of them so you can see at a glance what would interest you.  These are arranged in four categories: using paper, coloring agents, powder inclusions and 3-D inclusions covering most basic aspects of this craft.  Each project covers a page and features a large photograph of the finished item, a list of materials and tools plus the instructions as well as a basic description.  This tells you a bit about the piece and also what you will learn by making it.  Items used include all kinds of papers including wrapping paper, old books and paper napkins, coloring with things like nail polish, paint and ink, adding glitter, flitter and embossing powder and embedding elements such as old watch parts, presed flowers and shells.  Most of the pieces are made using findings with frames and bezels but the final section shows how you can repurpose things like odd game tiles, flat metal shapes and even just a plastic sheet for freeform work.  In short, this book manages to show how simple and fun resin work is and it is great to see a book on such an overlooked subject.

My tip to beginners is get a kit first and you will have all you need to get started.

Customer Review

As a newcomer to resin, I was hoping for a book that would both inspire and teach me. I was not disappointed. Apart from the obvious instructions in how to carry out each project, the author has added loads of tips which will helped enormously. The techniques section is clear and jargon free so that I never felt out of my comfort zone. Fabulous photography throughout makes this a lovely book to browse through too. There are enough projects to inspire and each has step by step instructions. I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering making resin jewellery.

Customer Review

I have never made resin jewellery before, but being a crafty person this book was right up my street. Lovely ideas, displayed in clear eye catching photographs. A craters dream!I can't wait to give it a try

Customer Review

I have used resin before but not for jewellery and my approach was based on knowledge gleaned from random videos on a well-known online platform! Having this book in front of me has been a revelation. The instructions are clear and concise. Lots of good photos when you need them and plenty of good tips to overcome the inevitable hiccups such as air bubbles. Resin does one job (but does it very well) so its interesting to see ways to stretch that out into a variety of projects and finishes. This book builds up techniques from scratch, leading you into gradually more complicated and lengthy procedures, covering any possible hitches along the way.
I suspect anyone doing resin jewellery would want to eventually experiment with their own style and so the gallery provides inspiration, broadening out the knowledge in order to reach that end.

Customer Review

I was initially struck by the picture on the front of this book. Just my style of pretty and stylish jewellery. I'm a bit craft fan and I have bookcases full of craft books I have bought because I liked the cover project. 90% of those books I have never used despite the initial 'i can't live without this book' feeling that I seem to fall for time and time again .
Happily I can report that almost every project in this book is on my to do list. I have already sourced the best deals on resin and the equipment need to complete the projects and even though it's only March I have planned many of my Christmas gifts.
The book has every bit of information need to complete the projects and a great trouble shooting section. Even if you aren't an experienced crafter I am convinced you will be inspired to take resin jewellery making to new levels using everything from glitter to feathers for pendants, earrings and bracelets that will get your friends and family asking where you bought them.
I'm excited to start and I'm sure you will be too.

Customer Review

working with resin was never something I thought about until I came across this book. My job is working with jewellery but as I am currently on maternity leave I do not have the equipment to carry on at home. This book has shown me some great tips and tricks to make resin jewellery at home fairly inexpensively! I read through the book in one sitting and have a list of resin, bezels and inks to work through some of these projects. If you are looking for a book to make resin jewellery I recommend this, the step by step instructions are easy to understand and the finished pieces look great

Customer Review

Delightful book that helps anyone create interesting and exciting jewellery. My mother and I used a few of Sara's projects with successful results. I was surprised how easy it it! My favourite part in he book was 3D inclusions as I love steampunk. Gathering pieces to use is just as much fun!

Customer Review

Love this book. Am a total beginner but this book takes the time to explain everything to you simply and clearly. It then goes on to have lots of lovely projects with inspiring photos and details of exactly how to recreate each look.

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