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Look inside Fabulous Felt
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 17 February 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211938
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 256
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £12.99
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Fabulous Felt


30 easy-to-sew accessories and decorations by Corinne Lapierre (Author)

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Book Description

30 easy-to-make, stylish decorations all made from felt. The book includes templates, a comprehensive techniques section, guide to embroidery stitches and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations to accompany every project. The fabulous projects include mug hugs, hanging decorations, seasonal decorations, pillows, ornaments, wall-organisers, brooches, children’s toys and much more.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Materials & equipment 8
Techniques 10
Embroidery stitches 14

Beach Hut Bunting 22
Rose Brooches 26
Flower Brooches 30
Lavender Sardines 32
Racoon & Fox 34

Spring & EASTER 38
Hen Egg Cosies 40
Bird Hanging 42
Easter Decorations 44
Spring Hanging 48
Butterfly & Flower Hanging 50
Decorative Rabbits 52

Christmas Lavender Bag 58
Woodland Mobile 60
Halloween Decorations 64
Christmas Pixie 68
Scandi Houses 70
Mug Cosy 72
Heart Hanging 74
Christmas Clog & Mitten 76
Scandi Horse 78

Bag Charm 82
Russian Doll 84
Sleepy Fox Brooch 88
Scandi-Style Pillow 90
Owl Pillow 94
Sleepy Fox Pillow 98
Toy Bunny 102
Wall Hanging Organiser 106
Hedgehog Pillow 110
Children’s Wall Hanging 114

Templates 116

About the Author

About Corinne Lapierre

Corinne Lapierre studied Fine Art in France before moving to the UK to study Fashion Design. After working as a fashion designer for a few years, Corinne studied millinery, through which she fell in love with felt and its many qualities. In 2009 Corinne started her own craft business as a felt maker, and her company, based in Leeds, UK, now sells an expanding range of craft kits and patterns designed for adults and children. Corinne lives in Yorkshire with her three children and two cats. This is Corinne's sixth book, following her best-selling Folk Embroidered Felt BirdsFelt Animal Families and All-New Twenty to Make: Festive Felt Decorations. She was awarded Best British Brand in the Craft Business Awards 2021. Visit her website: www.corinnelapierre.com, her Instagram: @corinnefeltkits and her Facebook: @Corinne Lapierre


Craft Business - September 2018

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Popular Patchwork

September 2016

This book, the second from Yorkshire based designer Corinne Lapierre, is packed full of 30 craft patterns sewn using felt. It is easy to think of felt being used to make decorations, but this although the book does have patterns for lots of hangers and brooches, it also contains projects for the home, such as a wall hanging organiser, a mug cosy and a cushion. I was attracted to the wide variety of designsl, and the Scandinavian influence stops the book from looking too 'cutesy'. Sometimes felt books can feel like they are aimed at children, but the choice of designs and colours prevents this, and many of the projects feel very grown up. However, it would also be an ideal present for a child, as the patterns are well written and easy to follow, plus felt is a good introduction to using a needle and thread. The beginning of the book has clear photographs with the embroidery stitches and it is this addition which really enhances the designs. There is something very satisfying about makng items from felt. With no raw edges to worry about it is easy to get lost in playing with colour, cutting and stitching, and this book will provide you with enough inspiration to keep you sewing all through the year.

Library Journal USA

Wool felt is the medium for the quirky, cute projects in designer Lapierres debut collection. The book opens with several brief tutorials on stitching and embroidering felt, including information about transferring embroidery patterns from templates and a detailed guide to the basic embroidery stitches used in the projects. This is followed by three seasonally inspired groups of accessories and embellishments, as well as a final catch-all chapter featuring a number of nature-and-animal-themed projects. Each project features a list of tools and supplies required (including the amount of felt needed in each color) as well as step-by-step instructions for completing the project with line drawings or photographs of key points. Projects span the small and simple, such as the carefully folded rose brooch, to intricate and complex, such as the owl pillow. Everything is hand-sewn and hand-embroidered, so a sewing machine isnt required. Some basic sewing knowledge is assumedtheres no information about cutting pattern pieces or constructing stuffed toysbut wool felt is a forgiving material and beginners should be able to work their way through the projects. VERDICT Sewists looking for slow-sewing projects or hand-stitchers desiring fun projects to embellish will be drawn to Lapierres adorable designs.

Ana Afonso

With 30 projects that are very appealing, it's really nice when it has all the information we need to get started. It gives extra motivation, when everything you need is at your fingers from start to finish. It comes with a step by step guide, amazing and lovely photos, good attention to details and all the templates needed are also provided. Absolutely love it and will definitely recomend it to friends.

Gemma Cornish

Fabulous Felt by Corinne Lopierre is a lovely book that gives you inspiration and projects to cover all seasons! There are 10 pages of techniques and stitches so this book is good for anyone new to working with felt. There are a number of projects for Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter and these include both Easter and Christmas decorations and even Halloween. All the templates needed for the projects are in the back of the book and only a few require photocopying at more than 100% so most can be traced directly from the book. The instructions are clear and there are some lovely photos to help guide you! Overall I'm really pleased with this book!

Helen Louise

Still working my way through this fabulous book. I'm a totally beginner to felting and have found this book excellent for newbies! The instructions are clear yet concise to follow and the patterns included are fabulous! I've picked out my first project and slowly working my way through- can't wait for it to be finished so I can pick another!

Blue Bear Wood

This beautifully photographed book will appeal to both kids and adults. It's full of gorgeous contemporary scandi/folk style felt projects (30 to be exact) that are suitable for beginners and more advanced crafters. Each project contains details of materials and tools required plus step by instructions that are accompanied by clear photographs or illustrations. The templates at the back of the book are easy to trace and duplicate plus they are mainly true to size with the exception of a few that need to be enlarged 200%. My girls (9,9,10) are all totally smitten with the book and love how quick many of the makes are. They have started to create the most delightful gifts for friends, teachers and themselves and all the time they are slowly learning new stitching techniques that they can apply elsewhere. #ReviewItFriday

Dianne Barnett

Fabulous Felt by Corinne Lapierre is a delightful book that will suit beginners and experienced crafters alike. It would make a wonderful gift for beginners to encourage them since the instructions, lists of materials and descriptions of how to make the projects are clear and concise. Patterns are included and there is a lovely range of projects to choose from. More experience crafters could adapt the projects and make them more intricate as desired as a springboard for personal creativity. Instructions include the basic skills needed to embark on the projects from scratch and together with the colour photos make the book very accessible. The projects are so inspiring and some would be suitable for family craft sessions on a wet holiday. The finished projects would be lovely as handmade personal presents if you could bear to part with them or could be given as cutout kits for crafty recipient to make up for themselves. All in all it is a delightful book that would be inspiring to purchase or receive as a present. Thanks to Corinne for the hardworking and inspiration included in it. I already have a project picked out but have also found myself just picking up the book and reading it since it is so charming to browse through too.

Kaiserin Maggs

Fabulous Felt is a fantastic tutorial book with beautiful full-colour photography throughout. Each page is full of information and written in an simple, easy to understand format. There are thirty patterns included but these can be easily adapted to your own ideas and imagination. She patiently explains how to do each stitch in the project in the first few pages, using excellent photos to show how they are done. I like the fact that it is sectioned into themes, e.g. Summer Garden, Spring and Summer, etc. Every project is easy to find with the contents page at the front. There is an abundance of templates at the back and only a few of them need to be enlarged - always a bonus for me! I particularly like the chicken projects and have the perfect felt ready to do this. Each project has a small section on the side, detailing what templates, tools and material is needed. I really enjoyed looking through this and will definitely be using this book for years to come. 10/10.

Lynn Harris

This book is colourful and very well set out with makes for both novices and experienced crafters. It ranges from small brooches and decorations to larger cushions and wall hangings. The step by step instructions, patterns and photography are very clear and it is easy for children to follow too. Thirty lovely items to keep you entertained crafting throughout the year. I am now looking forward to the next book by Corinne Lapierre.

Nicole Selley

I received this book as a gift. I'm not the best crafter but my daughter is very much into creating things, so I was hoping it would give me easy to sew projects we would be able to do together. I find the book very clear structured. The projects are very charming, shown with very good photography and small enough for me as a beginner to try out. I was concerned not to manage to follow the instructions but the first few pages help understand terminology and give clear guidance applique and various stitches required. The templates are also very useful. I'm very happy with the book and am looking forward to trying our first project - the butterfly and flower hanging.

Donna Hall

Fantastic book, very clearly written with excellent photographs. The part showing how to do some of the stitches is great for beginners and those of us who have forgotten how to do some! There are projects for everyone,children would be able to do some of them, or help someone older to do them. there is something for everyone and all seasons in this great book

Sarah Dennis

This book is set out well with clear photos showing the different techniques and equipment used to create the projects, exactly what I look for when attempting something new.

The templates are clearly labelled and are printed with a thick enough line to accurately trace around. The instructions are comprehensive, easy to understand and along with the photos show exactly how each project should be completed.

As felt comes in such wonderful colours, it would be easy to stray from the suggested colours to come up with personalised projects. Experimenting with the template sizes would help get much more out of this book, I'm thinking of enlarging the Woodland Mobile to make bunting for my campervan and shrinking the Lavender Sardines and adding a magnet to each one to make a fishing game!

Jen English

Lovely book well written. The projects are clearly explained and easy to make with fabulous photographs to help. All the templates are at the back of the book and easy to use. All the stitches are also clearly explained making the projects a delight to make. Highly recommended.

Debra Hall -Notcompulsory.blogspot.co.uk

For all the projects Lapierre recommends felting material made from a blend of wool/viscose. Apart from supplying yourself with good quality felt, you do not need to equip yourself with much more than a basic sewing kit will provide. Some projects require the use of fusible webbing, plain tissue paper and toy stuffing and it would be enhancing to purchase some special threads, plus beads, buttons etc to make results extra pleasing. The book is suitable for crafters working at all levels. Techniques are shown in close up photography and there are templates at the back of the book. With the exception of just one of two designs the designs geared for children do not include small parts. Conclusion
:How lovely that author Corinne Lapierre grew up with a creative Mum who inspired her! I see a lot of craft books but I was really taken aback by the stunning, yet gloriously simplistic layout of this one. I will be very quick to recommend Lapierre and her work in the future, plus the book itself. The felt designs are pretty fabulous so the book lives up to its bold title. This book has been received very well with 100% 5 star reviews on Amazon

Love to Make

June 2016

We love Corinne Lapierre's style and felt kits she produces and so we're excited to learn that she hasa a second fabulous new book coming out. You'll be glad to hear we weren't disappointed. Corinnehas designed 30 brilliant new scandi-style felt creations that are suitable for both the complete beginner as well as more experienced crafters, Split into four chapters: Summer Garden, Spring & Easter, Autumn & Winter and Home and Lifestyle, there's plenty to choose from yourself, your home and love ones.

Karen Platt- yarnsandfabrics.co.uk

Find 30 little contemporary projects suitable for complete beginners. I think the front cover just about says it all for this book. Colourful, cute, desirable and fun projects. The book is split into chapters: Summer Garden; Spring & Easter; Autumn & Winter and Home & Lifestyle. The techniques section includes the basic techniques needed and the stitches used. Even children could easily master this, under supervision. There isnt anything to dislike. Its full of easy yet stylish projects using bought felt, well photographed and foolproof. There are templates too, some need to be enlarged.

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