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Look inside Beautiful Braiding Made Easy
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 17 November 2014
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211303
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 206x292 mm
  • Illustrations: 120
  • Pages: 48
  • RRP: £8.99
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Beautiful Braiding Made Easy


Using kumihimo disks and plates by Helen Deighan (Author)

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Book Description

An easy to follow guide to producing beautiful Japanese braids using Kumihimo disks and plates; templates for which are printed on the cover flap ready to be cut out and used. There is advice on the yarns or threads to use, arranging the threads on the disk or plate, producing many different types of braid, braiding with beads, finishing off and using the braids to make bracelets, necklaces, bag handles and much more.

Table of Contents

An introduction
Using the Kumihimo disk
More ideas for using the Kumihimo disk
Using the Kumihimo plate
More ideas for using the Kumihimo plate
Braiding with beads

About the Author

About Helen Deighan

As a professional textile artist, Helen Deighan has been making quilts since 1984. Initially working from existing patterns, she soon started developing her own designs. And, when she couldn't find the right colour or shade to fit - she dyed her own. Over the past ten years she has created many exciting dyeing effects using everyday household objects - from cat litter trays and drain pipes to her now famous plastic freezer bags! Helen's latest passion is designing and making textile coil pots.


The Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

The author is an experienced braider who started out on a wooden Madurai before discovering Kumihimo disks and plates. She subsequently found that some of her students, previously put off by complex instructions and expensive equipment, were thrilled that they were able to make braids using these simple little tools.

Having recently progressed in the opposite direction, from disk to Marudai, I expected to find this small book a little too simplistic. Far from it. The first eight-thread braid was one that I recognised. On the very next page was a sixteen-thread braid that I might have been reluctant to try, but her diagrams and explanations were so clear that I fished out my disk and made one straight away.

In the next section she explained how to change the patterns using different arrangements of the coloured threads around the disk at the start, which I now understand. Later sections covered how to reverse the spiral, hollow braids with and without inserts, triangular braids, chevrons, flat braids, woven braids, zig zag braids and braids with beads. In just 45 pages the author has managed to rekindle my enthusiasm and I will be making much more ambitious braids using my old disk. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to both novice and experienced braiders.


January 2015

Braiding is not just for hair anymore. Using a Japanese technique she discovered in Australia, textilist and author (Dyeing in Plastic Bags, for one) Deighan not only demonstrates how to use the Kumihimo disk and plate but she also incorporates two ready-to-cut-out versions on the books front flap. (For library consideration, tape over the disk and plate with a note about where to order them online.) In all, about 30 patterns are featured, with the disk producing round braids; the plate, the flat version; and then, using beads in the designs. Its hard to envision, exactly, the process without selecting appropriate threads (usually thin) and simply beginning. At the end of each chapter, a gallery of finished patterns, with page references, appears for crafters; what would make this unusual method even more appealing is the addition of a fourth chapterideas for making braids a part of home decor, of clothing, of accessories.

Crochet Addict UK

December 2014

As you can see from the cover of this book you know it's going to be packed full of different designs for you to try. Not only do you get easy to follow instructions you also get your own disk & plate to cut out. This book is an easy to follow guide to Japanese braiding. It covers everything from yarns or threads to use. How to arrange the threads on the disk or plate. How to braid with beads and how to finish off. There are an amazing mix of designs to make. Each looks more amazing than the last. Not only that you are given examples of how you can use the braids. I must admit that there were lots more ideas than I had thought of. To read the rest of this review and many visit Crochet Addict UK or follow this link. http://www.crochetaddictuk.com/2014/12/beautiful-braiding-made-easy-book-review.html

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