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Premium Hand-Appliqué Paper from Masako Wakayama
  • Publisher: C&T Publishing
  • Edition: ZA General merchandise
  • Publication: 02 November 2020
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781644030042
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 180x250 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 0
  • RRP: £23.99 incl. VAT
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Premium Hand-Appliqué Paper from Masako Wakayama

£23.99 incl. VAT

Trace, fuse, trim, stitch; single-sided fusible, water soluble by Masako Wakayama (Author)

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Book Description

From Masako Wakayama, comes these five sheets of premium, single-sided fusible paper sheets for fine appliqué. Wash for a touchably soft finish; the unique double-layer substrate is flexible yet thick enough to provide stability.

About the Author

About Masako Wakayama

Masako Wakayama opened her studio Crib Quilt in 1987. Over the past three decades, Masako has published ten books and become a world-renowned quilting expert who also specializes in crochet, EPP, punch needle, appliqué, cross-stitch, and embroidery. For more information visit www.crib.co.jp.


British Patchwork & Quilting

This single-sided fusible and water soluble paper developed by Masako Wakayama can be used for hand appliqué and being a single-sided fusible, is perfect even for tiny appliqué designs and being semi-water soluble and washable, the paper doesn't need to be removed from your appliqué. Instead it will become very soft as if part of the fabric. The manufacturer's say there will not be a noticeable difference between the areas that have the appliqué paper and those that don't. The paper is also thin and soft enough to enable you to easily embroider or quilt over.

Icknield Quilters - British Patchwork & Quilting

I was delighted to try the Masako Wakayama paper. Initially I thought that it was a little thick but when I ironed it in place and sewed on my appliqué design, it was softer than the appliquick one that I usually use. It feels more flexible and not stiff at all. I also put it into water as it is water soluble. After it was ironed, it was very soft and you would not know that there was anything there apart from your design. I think it compared very favourably with other brands I have used for years. I was very impressed with this Masako Wakayama product and will be searching for it to use in the future.

Icknield Quilters - British Patchwork and Quilting

Transferring the design onto the appliqué paper was simple: lines showed through clearly. It was easy to cut giving a precise shape. Compared with my normal branded product it was softer to the touch. My needle went through the fabric and paper with ease, making it a pleasure to use. It worked well with straight edge and a curve. Washing a sample resulted in a smooth, soft surface. Simple embroidery worked on top of the appliqué shape was a breeze! I enjoyed using this product and would certainly purchase it to add to my stash.

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