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Look inside Blended Embroidery
  • Publisher: C&T Publishing
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 08 July 2019
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781617458095
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: £28.99
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Blended Embroidery


Combining Old & New Textiles, Ephemera & Embroidery by Brian Haggard (Author)

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Book Description

Raid the attic! Preserve family memories with new quilts that lovingly tie together the past with the present. Learn how to comb through bits of history and reimagine them into wall art, sewing notions, and more! Gorgeous embroidery adds richness to these vintage hybrids. Full instructions for five projects, fifteen stitch techniques, and a gallery full of ideas will help you rescue bits of history to create a cherished new piece for your home!

About the Author

About Brian Haggard

Brian Haggard has over twenty years of award-winning floral design under his belt and owns a thriving interior design business. Thousands of students have enjoyed his classes in the US, Canada, Ireland and France. He lives in Indianapolis with his husband. For more information visit www.brianhaggard.com.



Always great to see a new book from this author. I love his style. This book covers how to blend the old and new, something Brian does to perfection. It covers inspiration, fabrics, stitch and projects. The introduction gives the story of Etta Mae and her trousseau. Seek and Find is all about finding things you can use in your work - it's like treasure hunting. The projects are very satisfying. The Lacemaker is a very special piece; a small quilt with a beautiful lace edge and embellishments. There is a scissor holder and matching pincushion; a fabulous table runner; photo pincushions and sachets; a sewing butler including another pincushion, scissor holder and bag. There is also a gallery of work. Such a wonderful textile and quilting artist with a unique look. I recommend this book for its style and embellishments that could be applied to your own work.


Blended Embroidery is such a beautiful book. Not only is it filled with inspiration to stitch vintage heirlooms using old lace, embroidery stitches and your own imagination it is also a really good read.

I loved the story of Etta Mae and the restoration of her Victorian home. I would truly want to visit if I ever got the chance.

Five projects are showcased, and they are absolutely stunning. The Sewing Butler is amazing and quite unlike anything I have ever seen before.   The photography of each piece has been brilliantly done. A lover of this art will be seriously impressed.  You can see the texture of each piece and imagine how tactile the fabrics combined with the raised embellishments really are. 

In order to build your vintage stash, it is recommended that we search flea markets, old family attics and even to deconstruct stained tablecloths. I have been really inspired and I have feel I have been given a chance to revisit a craft that I have long forgotten. 

The projects bring old fabrics, buttons and lace back to life and give them a modern touch. Using dyes, beads, crayons and paints, you can create a beautiful gift for someone special, and with the 15 stitches that have been demonstrated the final and finished result will be phenomenal.  

An amazing book that will inspire, teach and encourage you to try new ideas. 


There are quite a few books that give you ideas on how to use scraps left over from craft projects, or even those from everyday life. This book goes one further and shows how you can also incorporate antique and vintage items into your stitched work.

Give old family items or things from flea markets a new lease of life by combining them with modern materials to create quilts, wall art and more. If you like crazy quilting (or have always fancied trying it) this book will show you what can be accomplished. It is certainly lovely to look at and filled with the authors personal work based around his own family history, plus lucky finds while out browsing. There is even a useful guide to shopping for vintage items and looking for things that speak to you rather than just hoarding. Discover what tools and materials you need to work with the old as well as the new, learn some basic stitches and delve into Mr Haggards wonderfully inspiring projects. As well as quilting skills and some basic embroidery, there are projects that make use of photo transfers, 3D work and at the back a rather more useful gallery than the usual pages of briefly captioned photographs. All these pieces, by both the author and others, come with more lengthy explanations as to how and why they were made. This does take up a chunk of the book, but this is part of the appeal; getting the reader to think about what they want to do with what they have. Even the five projects are more about getting under the skin of a piece, and as they are all so personal, they encourage going beyond mere copying. It certainly got me thinking and fishing around in my own loft to see how I can incorporate antique photographs and fabrics into projects that will give them a new lease of life. A very inspiring and imaginative book.

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