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Early-Style Hardanger
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  • Publisher: Vetty Creations
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 24 June 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9780975767771
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 195x275 mm
  • Illustrations: 1500
  • Pages: 160
  • RRP: £19.99
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Early-Style Hardanger


Traditional Norwegian Whitework Embroidery by Yvette Stanton (Author)

Book Description

Early-style Hardanger is not often seen outside of Norway, but is quite distinct from contemporary Hardanger. This historical style of embroidery has traditionally been used on the women’s clothing in the Hardangerfjord region, and was designed to imitate needlemade lace of the 1600s and 1700s. Feel the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of making your own traditional-style Norwegian whitework embroideries using whitework specialist, Yvette Stanton’s clear instructions. There are 10 varied projects with a range of contemporary applications, including a blouse with embroidered cuffs and collar, soft furnishings for the home, table linen, and small articles suitable to give as gifts. You will discover what makes early-style Hardanger different from contemporary Hardanger. The historical and cultural information, including many photos of historical examples of Hardanger, helps to place the embroidery within its cultural context. The left- and right-handed step-by-step stitch and technique instructions are easy to follow, making it easy to learn. You will learn to avoid problems and have the self-assurance to fix any mistakes you make. Yvette Stanton’s expert instructions will help you on your way to making beautiful early-style Hardanger embroidery.

About the Author

About Yvette Stanton

Yvette Stanton is the publisher and designer behind Vetty Creations. She has a passion for whitework embroidery, and for sharing it with others. Yvette has written 12 best-selling embroidery books, including Smøyg which was also published by Search Press. Yvette is an accredited tutor with the Embroiderers Guild of NSW, and teaches embroidery classes, specializing in whitework around Australia. She's also an award-winning embroiderer with over 15 years' experience of producing beautiful intricate embroideries. Yvette lives in Sydney, Australia.

Visit Yvette's:
Website at www.vettycreations.com.au
Facebook: vettycreations
Instagram: @vettycreations


Fiber Talk with Yvette Stanton

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Australian book about Hardanger

 When Yvette Stanton worked with research for her book, she visited the Norwegian Folk Museum and the Hardanger Folk Museum to study ancient folk costume garments where the technique has been used.


Yvette Stanton is from Australia and the book is published there. It goes without saying that it contains patterns on the technique used in anything but national costumes. I would still recommend it as a technique book because it shows the different stitches in a very informative and easily understandable way, step by step, with plain and clear illustrations. It even has left-handed explanations.

She also shows error correction and how to best avoid problems and errors. It is supplied with 3 large pattern sheets


Yvette Stanton's books are all superbly created - she gives so much more than anyone can expect of her. From the clearest photos and diagrams as well as instructions to the exciting designs, this book is so professional. I wish all creative embroidery books looked like this. I have all Yvette's books and I am ecstatic to add this one to my collection. I love white on white embroidery and no-one does it better than Yvette. She takes us back to the Norwegian fjords where it all began. There is a great intro and short history with lots of images of early motifs; also featuring a comparison between old and new work. You'll find a materials and equipment section too. The projects, stitches and techniques form the largest part of this exciting book and they all look fabulous. Once you have learned the stitches and techniques, you can create your own designs. The 10 projects are suitable for beginner to experienced stitcher. Learn these traditional techniques and make something rarely seen outside Norway. At the very back is a pattern sheet. This is a 12 out of 10, a keeper forever. Buy one for a friend - they will love you forever. Highly recommended for any embroider and stitch fanatic.

Mary Corbett's Needle 'n Thread

If you love whitework embroidery, youve probably heard of Yvette and if you havent heard of her, you need to!

Yvette writes instructional and project books, mostly for specific whitework techniques. Shes published an impressive library of eight books so far, six of which are devoted to whitework. All of Yvettes books are beautifully written and photographed and packed full of clear, accessible instructions that are suitable for beginners and beyond.

This eighth book Early-Style Hardanger does not disappoint. It is High Quality Yvette, all over the place. If you know her books, youll recognize her style, her attention to detail, her thorough instructions and her exquisite projects.


Early-Style Hardanger explores the counted whitework techniques of Hardanger embroidery as they originated from the Hardangerfjord region of western Norway.

For those who are familiar with Hardanger embroidery, Yvettes introduction sets the stage for this book:

Forget everything you know or think you know about Hardanger embroidery. Early-style Hardanger embroidery is very different to what most of us recognise as Hardanger today

The book begins with a very readable introduction that delves into the history of Hardanger embroidery and explores it in its social context in Norway.

There are plenty of photos to enchant and delight!

In fact, there are heaps of photos! I especially love the close-up pictures of examples of early-style Hardanger.

Its amazing to think that, during a time when lighting wasnt as convenient and ready as it is today, when magnification wasnt really an option, ladies faithfully plied their needles, working over their precious linen to create a much finer, more intricate style of Hardanger than we see today.

After the introduction, we jump straight into the Projects section of the book.

Wow!! If you want projects, youve got em! There are ten projects in the book, with detailed instructions on how to create them.

Full review here: http://www.needlenthread.com/2016/08/early-style-hardanger-by-yvette-stanton.html

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